10 Couple’s Travel Blogs That Will Make Your Heart Skip A Beat

Two Monkeys Travel

Jonathan and Kach met each other while backpacking in Laos in 2013, and have been traveling the world together ever since! Jonathan grew up in Kenya and Malawi, and traveled extensively (to 20 countries!) during his youth with his family, while Kach is from the Philippines and had already traveled to 15 countries before meeting Jonathan.


Favorite Story: Luxury Desert Camping with Sahara Experience

Monthly Uniques: 225,000

Instagram: 22,000

Twitter: 85,000


A Cruising Couple

Dan and Casey are high school sweethearts that chose to create a life together through travel. Their blog focuses on their epic adventures, and they also own a full-service travel marketing agency!


Favorite Story: The Ultimate Way to Experience Elephants in Thailand

Monthly Uniques: 27,000

Instagram: 8,000

Twitter: 16,000


They Get Around

If you’re looking for a killer travel love story, it doesn’t get better than a marriage proposal at Macchu Picchu. Check out Steve and Lexi’s Blog, They Get Around!


Favorite Story: 10 Activities to do in Scenic Bear Lake Valley

Monthly Uniques: 9,000

Instagram: 13,000

Twitter: 1,300


Crazzzy Travel

Illia and Nastia met while attending college in their home country of Ukraine. After dating a while in the notoriously frigid Eastern European winter, they decided to figure out a way to spend life traveling all over the world. Their blog focuses on traveling on a budget, even one as low as $11 a day!


Favorite Story: North Dakota: The Cradle of North Plain Wildlife

Monthly Uniques: 6,000

Instagram: 2,500

Twitter: 4,300


Living In Another Language

Amanda and Derick are travelers from Oregon that have been traveling together since 2012! They are currently living in New Zealand. Check out their blog for some incredible travel photography.


Favorite Story: Why Park City, Utah Should Be On Your Bucket List

Monthly Uniques: 33,300



Nomadic Boys

Stefan and Sebastien are travelers from London that have been together since 2009, and traveling since 2014. Their blog focuses on the culinary and local gay scenes in travel destinations all over the world. They also make a point of supporting LGBT businesses wherever they go, particularly in places with anti-gay legislation.


Favorite Story: That One Time We Almost Got Arrested For Being Gay in Delhi

Monthly Uniques: 39,000

Instagram: 45,000

Twitter: 42,000


Two Bad Tourists


Auston and David are an American couple that write about their experiences living like locals all over the world, even in places with anti-LGBT culture in place.


Favorite Story: 7 Things Every Gay Should Know Before Visiting West Hollywood

Monthly Uniques: 29,000

Instagram: 22,000

Twitter: 31,000


Unlocking Kiki

Kaelene is an Expat from Oregon who met her partner while traveling through Australia. They now live together in Iceland! Her Instagram will give you a serious case of wanderlust!


Favorite Story: Quality Over Quantity // Life Lately

Monthly Uniques: 29,000

Instagram: 5,500

Twitter: 1,300




Mike and Anne are American travelers that have been on “The World’s Longest Honeymoon” since they got married in January 2012. They’ve been to nearly 50 countries in four and a half years!


Favorite Story: Adventure Honeymooning in Puerto Rico

Monthly Uniques: 5,000

Instagram: 10,300

Twitter: 28,000



Karen and Paul’s blog, GlobalHelpSwap focuses on slow, responsible, local travel. If you’re interested in volunteering during your travels, check out their site for great information and tips!


Favorite Story: An Unusual Adventure in Beautiful Yangshuo, China

Monthly Uniques: 12,500

Instagram: 9,000

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Nomad’er How Far

Hannah and Taran write about traveling with a minimalistic lifestyle. Living minimally means limiting your possessions, your words to the essential, and your time spent with technology.


Favorite Story: Bungalow Bay Koala Village: The Best Island Hostel in Australia

Monthly Uniques: 21,000

Instagram: 2,500

Twitter: 12,000

Getting Stamped


Hannah and Adam gave up the “American Dream” to live their dream and travel the world. They’ve been traveling full time since 2013. Over the past three years, they have visited 64 countries and have grown a following for the photo work along the way.

Make sure to follow along on their daily adventures on Snapchat ? ID gettingstamped


Favorite Story: The Ultimate Guide to Koh Lipe, Thailand

Monthly Uniques: 49,000

Instagram: 49,000

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