10 Solo-Female Bloggers Fueling Our Wanderlust

Solo-Female travelers are a special breed. People come out of the woodwork to try and dissuade women from pursuing solo travel. Society has been constructed in a way that pins women as fragile and vulnerable. Think of the topics people usually use to warn of the dangers of solo-female travel: rape, kidnapping, slave trafficking. These are all crimes. They aren’t some kind of plague that just happens to all solo women travelers. And let’s not forget that rape and kidnapping happens all over the world, and is specifically trending on American college campuses. This is just one of the silly stereotypes of solo-female travel.


Most solo-female travelers will tell you that the world is more good than bad. The concept of solo-female travel has been given some negative connotations, like the choice puts you in imminent danger. Solo-female travel is about limiting the “no’s” of life, embracing experience and the overwhelming good that exists in the world, but also putting on a thick skin when the world challenges you.


We’ve rounded up a list of 10 badass lady travel bloggers to tempt your wanderlust and empower your inner adventurer, check it out!


This American Girl

This American Girl’s Camille ditched the American dream, strapped her life on her back and decided to travel around the world four years ago. Since then, she’s lived in over 20 countries! Along the way, she’s gained nearly 60,000 monthly readers, 17,000 Twitter followers, and 10,000 followers on Instagram


Hippie in Heels

Rachel Jones started her blog, Hippie in Heels over two years ago, when she left America and her position as a Nurse to explore the world’s off-beat hotspots. We love her bohemian style! She’s got 80,000 monthly readers, 33,000 Twitter followers, and 53,000 followers on Instagram.


The Blonde Abroad


Kiersten is giving us serious wanderlust with her blog, The Blonde Abroad. She quit her fancy LA finance job and glamourous Hollywood lifestyle at the age of 22. She’s traveled to over 50 countries, and has volunteered for charities all over the world! She has 260,000 monthly readers to her blog, 240,000 Instagram followers, and 16,000 followers on Twitter.


I Am Aileen

Aileen of I Am Aileen is a triple threat: Travel Blogger, Entrepreneur, and Technical Specialist. If you’ve ever thought about becoming a digital nomad (a location-independent professional), while indulging in a little travel inspiration, check her site out! She has 60,000 monthly readers, 8,000 Instagram followers, and 5,000 Twitter followers.


My Life’s A Movie

Alyssa’s blog, My Life’s A Movie, is all about limiting the “no’s” life throws at you, and pursuing adventure at all costs. She’s got a killer Instagram feed with 60,000 followers, 32,000 monthly blog readers, and 10,000 followers on Twitter.


Journalist On The Run

Janet is an Irish solo-female travel blogger who uses her blog, Journalist On The Run, to record her travel bucket list. She has 31,000 monthly uniques, 20,000 Instagram followers, and 10,000 Twitter followers.


Bucket List Journey

Annette of Bucket List Journey is a full-time restaurant owner and adventure traveler. Whether it’s bathing Elephants in Chiang Mai, swimming with jellyfish, or eating bugs in Thailand, if there’s an adventure to be had, she’s in! She has 117,000 monthly readers to her blog, 15,000 Twitter followers, and 26,000 Instagram followers.


Oneika The Traveler

Oneika of Oneika the Traveler is a Canadian expat traveling the world by way of teaching! She’s fluent in english and french and in the process of learning Spanish, too! She’s a textbook GIRLBOSS. Check out her blog, she has 29,000 monthly readers, an Instagram following of 9,200, and 6,100 followers on Twitter.


Round The World Girl


Arnette is the original Round The World Girl! She considers herself “a realistic traveler”, one that isn’t a budget backpacker or rolling in cash, but is always willing to spend a little for an incredible experience. She has 10,000 monthly blog readers, 4,300 twitter followers, and 13,000 followers on Instagram.