14 Tricks For Boosting Traffic To Your Blog!

1. Promote your new content on all of your social feeds!

 2. Collaborate with or mention relevant influencer’s content! Try guest posting, this will lead relevant blogger’s audiences to your blog

3. Make sure your headlines are short, thoughtful, and attention-grabbing

4. Make sure your site loads quickly. People won’t wait around.

5. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly! This is where the majority of users are viewing your content!

6. Use Google Keywords to identify relevant keywords for your content.

7. Be present in relevant conversations on social media. For example, if you’re a travel blogger, you should be present in travel-related Twitter chats, and should make your voice heard in travel-related that are trending. Establish yourself as a source of knowledge within that industry.

8. Link to other content on your site, this will build SEO.

9. Make sure you use a lot of visuals in your content, and that they are high quality.

10. Post your content in your weekly/daily newsletters! This is especially helpful if you need to hit a traffic goal quickly.

11. Post your content on StumbleUpon.

12. Sign up for HARO . This is a free service that reporters use to find sources for their stories. By responding to relevant queries, you might be featured in major news publications that could link back to your blog.

13. Actively interact with your readers on social, and make sure you’re responding to all of their comments.

14. Newsjack! Make sure your voice is heard on relevant trending topics.


15. BUY TRAFFIC! Seriously. It can cost as little as five dollars to get 125 targeted visitors on sites like Fiverr and Outbrain. With services like this, you can actually boost your earning potential, while driving more traffic to the rest of your site as well.