25 Best Beaches to Visit in Mexico

by Muhammad Sahabuddin

In this time of COVID-19, we should be careful and try to stay home to avoid the spread of the virus. However, we reminisce back to the day when we were free to travel.

Thinking about the beach, sun, sea, sand, and fun. And all that has the coasts of Mexico, an ideal destination for you to enjoy a refreshing beach vacation.

On the beaches of Mexico, you can immerse yourself in the intense blue ocean of the Pacific bays, sunbathe on the shore of the warm and transparent waves of Caribbean Sea in Quintana Roo or even rest on the beautiful coasts of the Gulf of Mexico.

But it is not only the water that varies on the beaches to visit in Mexico. Due to its particular geography, Mexican coasts have a whole range of colors in its sands and can be framed by lush jungles, high clay boulders, or even ancient archaeological ruins. You can also choose between beach destinations that are well equipped with modern attractions and comfortable services so that you can rest without having to lift a finger,

… Or on the contrary, unspoiled and beautiful coastal corners, to enjoy the beauty of marine flora and fauna that can only be found in these hidden paradises, so whatever your preferences, you will surely get a destination for your measure on Aztec coasts.

So without further ado, here is a list of the best beaches in Mexico so that you can start organizing your dream vacation from now on …

01. North Beach, Isla Mujeres

As its name suggests, North Beach is located north of Isla Mujeres (Women’s Island). To get to this island, you can take a boat from Cancún, the journey takes around 15 minutes by ferry. A small corner of paradise where it is always pleasant to go there to enjoy the turquoise waters while lounging on a deckchair.

This beach is a jewel of the Caribbean with crystal clear water, long distances to stroll by the sea and spectacular sunsets. It offers a wide variety of tourist services and is easy. Due to its privileged location in Isla Mujeres, North Beach allows you to do other activities and leisure without having to travel far.

02. Organo and Maguey Bays, Oaxaca

These two Huatulco beaches are so close that they can be enjoyed in a single day. They are two small and fraternal inlets, with their coincidences and differences. Both have clear waters and white sand, but Maguey beach is easily accessible while reaching Organo is more difficult.

Although you can go by land, the most advisable way to get to Organo is to take a boat in Santa Cruz. The prize for the effort is total tranquility in the middle of a heavenly place. In Maguey, there is a greater influx of vacationers and more beach services.

03. Paradise Beach, Cozumel, Quintana Roo

Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world by several international media, paradise beach is located one kilometer south of Tulum. White sandy beaches and gentle waves make this beach an authentic paradise on earth. If to this we add the decor of the archaeological ruins, we will get the ideal beach that combines relaxation and culture. The beautiful setting is completed by the greenery of the jungle and the small bungalows located around.

If you can organize your trip during the carnival period, it would be magnificent, since the carnival festivities in Cozumel are very colorful and lively, this is one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico.

04. Revillagigedo Islands, Colima

These colima islands in the Pacific called Mexican Galapagos, constitute an exclusive destination, especially for ecotourists and for lovers of diving in almost virgin territories. Due to their biological wealth, they constitute a Natural Protected Area and Biosphere Reserve.

The 4 islands that make up the archipelago are Socorro, which is the largest; Clarión, San Benedicto, and Roca Partida, a curious formation in the middle of the sea. Divers and snorkelers are amazed by its incomparable marine life, made up of more than 250 species of fish. The Socorro turtledove is the bird that most interests nature watchers.

05. Punta Nizuc, Quintana Roo

This geographic point is one of the most frequented places in Cancun, mainly for its magnificent coral reefs, which constitute a nirvana for divers and an excellent place to observe marine biodiversity.

The most eco touristic way to get to Punta Nizuc is by making the journey through the jungle, taking a boat at one of the docks installed in the Nichupte Lagoon. After touring the open part of the lagoon, you cross the mangroves through the Nizuc Canal until you reach your destination, which is the open sea.

06. Mazunte, Oaxaca

It is among the best beaches on Oaxaca coast. The waves crash by note in a scene of eternal paradise. Learn about the homemade food inns, with this you will know why it is a place for demanding palates, the magic of Punta Cometa, the ‘skimboard’, beach soccer, turtles and their cosmetics based on natural products from home. Nearby is a nudist beach.

07. Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

Puerto Escondido is an Oaxacan coastal city that has the main beach and others nearby. You can select a calm wave beach or a more choppy one if you want to surf. In Puerto Escondido, you can enjoy the rich fish and seafood of Mexican Pacific at your leisure, but if you prefer something more Oaxacan like chapulines or some stones, they can also be served. Puerto Escondido has good movement at night, so if you are not very tired from your day at sea, you can go out for a drink in a pleasant atmosphere.

08. Isla Lobos, Veracruz

75 minutes from Veracruz mainland coast is this fantastic island, with crystalline beaches ideal for diving, due to its barrier reef. Close to the island, a particular habitat has been developed inside and outside the hull of a boat that sank two centuries ago. This impressive ecosystem is visited by divers. The three reef subsystems that make up the barrier are Bajos de Tuxpan, Bajos de Medio, and Bajos de Tanhuijo, and there are many interesting things to see in all of them.

09. Akumal, Quintana Roo

This group of 4 small bays on the Yucatan peninsula, with its vast coconut groves, was close to winning the race to Cancun when Mexico was deciding where to locate a mega tourist destination of international resonance. Now Akumal is a calm place, with an even calmer sea, since its beautiful coast is protected by a double natural barrier: the coral corridor of Riviera Maya and nearby island of Cozumel. It is a place for spawning turtles and is frequented by practitioners of snorkeling and diving.

10. Xpu-Ha Beach, Quintana Roo

This beach strip of fine white sand is located just 20 minutes from Playa del Carmen, in the Riviera Maya. It is an ideal beach for the whole family since at its shallow depth, it joins a slight wave, sometimes almost imperceptible. It is ideal for the practice of aquatic entertainments, such as snorkeling, diving, and kayaking. Nearby is the spectacular Cenote Manatee, connected to a lagoon that overlooks the sea. You may be able to spot a manatee, acute aquatic mammal also called a sea cow, an endangered species. The beach has several hotels and some cabins that offer personalized service to their clients on the beach.

11. Lovers Beach, Baja California Sur

Change of scenery guaranteed in Lovers Beach! Located at the tip of Baja California, the cliffs sculpted by the ocean make this place a special place and different from the rest of Mexico. The beach is in the middle of the cliffs, a magical place surrounded by nature. The ideal? Take a boat to discover these rock formations in another way, you will not be disappointed!Between December and March, it is possible to see whales and calves.

12. Sayulita, Nayarit

This Nayarit town boasts the category of Mexican Magic Town for its beautiful beaches, excellent for lying down to sunbathe on its fine white sand, swimming, and observing natural life. It is en route to Banderas Bay and some people are so fascinated by its charming beaches that it makes Sayulita their final destination. It is an appropriate place for whale watching and to eat good oysters or salted fish, delicacies that have made Nayarit culinary art famous.

13. Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo

Just over 30 kilometers from Cancun, Puerto Morelos awaits visitors with the cleanest and most beautiful beaches in the Riviera Maya. Its beach area is a protected area due to the need to preserve its reef, located just 500 meters from the coast, which forms the largest coral reef in the world after the Great Barrier Reef. This enormous ecosystem turns Puerto Morelos into a paradise for diving, snorkeling, and observing underwater life. From the town, you can easily access beautiful cenotes and on some of its beaches, you can go horseback riding.

14. Loreto, Baja California Sur

The Loreto Bay National Park (1966) is a protected natural area of Mexico and consists of Loreto Bay, Cortez Sea and part of Baja California Sur. The park has a wide variety of marine environments, attracting more marine mammals than any other Mexican National Park and, is one of the most visited parks in the country.

Perhaps Loreto has earned its name as a Magical Town mainly due to rich history surrounding Mission of Our Lady of Loreto Concho, Jesuit complex of greatest historical importance in the Baja California Peninsula. This corner of ​​Cortez Sea has great places to fish and on Carmen island it is possible to spot the blue whale.

15. Puerto Ángel, Oaxaca

Once installed in Puerto Ángel, in the heart of Oaxacan Pacific, you have the beaches of its main bay and beautiful inlets nearby. Playa Panteón and Playa Principal cover most of the bay and are the most visited. To its conditions for rest, they join a delicious gastronomic offer with fresh seafood supplied by the local fishermen. Two of the most popular delicacies are tuna served in two halves of an avocado and raw clams garnished with lime juice and chili sauce. Several species of turtles from the Mexican Pacific live in Puerto Ángel.

16.  Mazatlán, Sinaloa

La Perla del Pacífico beach corridor, which covers more than 15 kilometers, is a booming tourist destination. Its long boardwalk invites you to stroll feeling the breeze on your face and at the time of a tasty dip very close are several beaches. Mazatlán also has several attractions linked to the sea. The city’s Aquarium is one of the most complete in the country, highlighting its sea lion pond, Sea Museum and its beautiful sample of snails and shells, and Ocean Fish Tank, where you can admire different species of sharks and turtles and the mere giants.

17. Matanchen Bay, Nayarit

This cove is located in the Nayarit city of San Blas, facing a blustering Pacific that gives its beaches magnificent surfing conditions. In Matanchen it is possible to feel like a “Pirate in the Pacific” since the area was used during the viceregal period as a refuge for buccaneers who patrolled the waters in search of valuable cargo to loot. The bay is also a collection center for shrimp larvae. Practitioners of “unofficial nudism” take advantage of the beaches of San Blás to take off their clothes completely.

18. Bahía Concepción, Baja California Sur

Bahía Concepción is made up of a succession of beaches, coves and bays. It is a territory framed by a reddish and mountainous horizon. Throughout the bay you can find trailer and camping areas. In its waters lives a rich and varied marine fauna, which makes it a destination as a “natural aquarium”.

Bahía Concepción is an excellent option if you want to practice kayaking, diving, sailing and snorkeling. Whales take refuge in the deepest areas of its waters and on its islands in the bay there is a great diversity of birds. In some parts of the coast, estuaries abound, rich in mangrove oysters, chocolate clams, and an ax callus of unsurpassed size and flavor.

The beaches are ejido territory and the ejidatarios charge a modest amount for camping in high season.

19. Nahui, Nayarit

In the extensive bay of Banderas is Nahui Inlet, which many describe as the best secret in plain sight on the Riviera Nayarit. Without wanting to marry with a touch of class, you can hardly find a better place than Nahui for a wedding that makes history. If you only want to spend a few days off, without the constraints of marriage, the beautiful blue and white sand beaches of Nahui are the ones you need. They have achieved an adequate balance between the types of accommodation, so you will surely find something appropriate, both if you are controlled or if you go “open account”

20. Balandra Beach, Baja California Sur

Tourism has become the main activity of La Paz, underpinned by the beautiful surrounding beaches, including Balandra in a prominent place. Less than 30 kilometers from the capital of Baja California Sur, this refuge of warm, clean waters and low waves, integrates with the semi-desert landscape and copper hills as if inviting to rest in maximum peace. The shallow depth of the beach allows you to walk calmly for several tens of meters, making it very suitable for children. On the beach, there is a striking mushroom-like formation named for it, which has been carved into the rock by the wind through the centuries.

21. Xcalacoco, Quintana Roo

With a sea that offers 5 shades of blue, Xcalacoco is a secluded oasis in the Riviera Maya, ideal for enjoying several days of rest in a pleasant company. Tranquility of the place, beauty of the sea, and fineness of the sands provide the perfect setting to rest, away from the madding crowd. But if your companion wants a bit of city action at night, a short distance from Xcalacoco is Carmen Beach, with its magnificent restaurants where you can enjoy varied gastronomy and its clubs and bars where you can prolong the evening until sunrise           .

22. Delfines Beach, Quintana Roo

Delfines Beach is one of the most popular in Cancun and owes that honor to its spaciousness and beauty, far from the hustle and bustle of the hotel heart of the city. Its name comes from the frequent presence of dolphins, which you can see from the shore, although it is also possible to board the same beach to take a closer look at these intelligent cetaceans. The surf is intermediate, which is why some people surf. Access to the beach is free and there are lifeguards in the daytime.

23. Todos Santos, Baja California Sur

The vehemence of the Pacific Ocean in Todos Santos makes this Magical Town a surfing paradise in Baja California. Cerritos Beach has excellent waves and absence of coral reefs makes it a very safe place for beginners in the activity. The beautiful beach has a gastronomic offer for all budgets. All amid the pleasant spring climate of Todos Santos refreshed and embellished by the greenery of its fruit tree plantations.

24. Ixtapa, Guerrero

Ixtapa and its fraternal Zihuatanejo constitute one of the vertices of the so-called Sun Triangle, which has Acapulco and Taxco as its other two corners. Ixtapa is a first-world sea destination, protected by its beautiful beaches and its formidable hotel and service offer, including marinas, restaurants, golf courses, and all the comforts that modern travelers demand. Ixtapa Island is very close to the coast and is frequented by divers and practitioners of other aquatic entertainments.

25. Acapulco, Guerrero

The one that was in its golden age the main beach tourist destination in the country is recovering its former splendor. Its bay continues to have the spell that captivated celebrities from Hollywood and Mexican cinema and the spectacle of the jump from La Quebrada continues to amaze tourists. Condesa Beach is in front of Miguel Alemán Coastal Avenue, observed from the sea by the Bishop’s cliff, a rock with ancient legends. Hornos and Hornitos beaches are havens of tranquility and Caleta and Catilla see their waters calmed by the mass of the nearby Roqueta Island.