4 Content Creation Tips From Beyonce’s “Lemonade”

The internet was set ablaze this past weekend when Beyonce dropped her surprise 60-minute visual album, “Lemonade” on HBO. #Lemonade was tweeted over 4 million times in the 48 hours following the drop. We might as well crown Queen B the “Queen of Content”. Here are just a few ways Beyonce can school us in the art of blogging and content creation.


Keep your readers on their toes.


There was not a drop of marketing leading up to her newest album drop other than a single Instagram post with #Lemonade, and a date and time to check out something new from Beyonce  on HBO.

Now, I’m not saying this specifically applies to everyone. She’s Beyonce, enough said. BUT, there is something to be said about leaving hints for your readers to get them excited for your next post. You can expand one topic over a number of posts, so that readers have to come back to your site to finish the story. Give them a reason to get excited over your content!

Amazing visuals.

Lemonade is an undeniable music video masterpiece, filled with constant beautiful imagery. Apply this to your blog! If the design of your site and the visuals used in your story are high quality, people will stay on your page longer. If your site doesn’t look good, they’ll likely head somewhere else. Why not give our buyers more than they expect and do it beautifully? .

Make it personal.


People like to read stories that they can relate to. “Lemonade” gives us a peek into the drama of woman who’s been betrayed, and she even features her daughter, Blue Ivy, in one scene.

When it comes to your blog, that means taking each topic and making it yours. Yeah, writing listicles may boost your SEO, and sometimes that is what you’re going for. However, writing a story about a product or service in a personalized way can make a real impact. Instead of writing this story: “Top 10 Things to do in XXXXXX”, write about how much your kids would love a certain activity there, a dream itinerary, or a romantic date night. Write with passion and enthusiasm, and you’ll get more readers who will stay and read your entire story, and that is what content marketing strives for.

Create a community with your readers.

Just like Beyonce’s Beyhive, you can create a devoted community through your blog, social accounts, and your email list! Communicate with them in the comments section and on social. Figure out what they are interested in, and find a way to incorporate it into your site! You can even host Twitter Chats so you can see how your readers communicate with each other! The more you involve your readers, the more their loyalty will grow.