5 Ideas for Amazing Solo Tropical Vacations

Photo by Vincent Gerbouin:

You’re ready to go on a vacation adventure. It’s time to put yourself first and live life to the fullest. No one else is coming along for this ride. You are ready to grab hold of this moment in time and make it count. When it comes to all the places you could immerse yourself on a solo journey, you’re going tropical. What could be better than sun, sand, sea, and the warm breeze washing over you day or night?

Experience the Wonder of the Cayman Islands

If you’ve always dreamed of losing yourself on an island, Grand Cayman could be the tropical getaway for you. This gem in the Cayman Islands will let you have an up close and personal encounter with the Caribbean. Dip your toes in white sand while water as warm as your bathtub laps at your toes. This is your chance to dive in with full scuba gear to explore what’s happening beneath the surface as you visit a shipwreck. Find out what it feels like to touch a stingray. Take a walk through the lush trails exploding with flora and fauna. Cap off your day with some of the best cuisine you’ve ever had while you kick back in your luxury resort.

Enhance Your Career While You’re in Costa Rica

Your next vacation could give you an opportunity to work and play as you grow professionally. Yoga teacher training in Costa Rica can give you the best of everything as you take flight to this warm and welcoming region in Central America. Take refuge in a resort that can only be compared to an oasis while you receive yoga training that can take your career to the next level. If you haven’t taught yoga before, this is your chance to open the door to a career that will make you fall in love. You’ll find your inner peace while you guide others on the path to wellness. When you’re not training, explore what your surroundings have to offer.

Find Out Why Everyone is Talking About Rome

If you like it hot in the summer, the capital of Italy could be calling your name. Imagine staying on a villa overlooking the Mediterranean while you eat a classic Italian dish. Venture out into the city to see historical landmarks that have withstood the test of time like the Colosseum. You can take a bike ride as you explore by yourself or hire a guide to show you the sights. Walk the Spanish Steps, Don’t forget to visit the Vatican City and marvel at the Sistine Chapel before you go.

Discover the Beauty of Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is one of California’s best in beachside beauties. You will feel like you’ve stepped into another world as you travel paseos as these secret walkways lead you underground. Experience the city’s Spanish heritage with its rooftops covered in red tiles and historic Old Mission. Go on a wine tasting adventure or take to the gentle peaks of the Santa Ynez Mountains. Treat yourself to a present in one of the plentiful boutiques that are ripe for the picking

Visit the Asian Wonder of Thailand

The warm, moist air drifting from the Indian Ocean will kiss your skin when you journey to Asia. Be filled with awe when you visit the Grand Palace. Travel the Khaosan Road to savor street food, and hit the clubs at night. Meet elephants in the wild when you journey to the Khao Yai National Park. Travel through the streets on a motorcycle with three wheels called a tuk-tuk or float on a long-tail boat off of Railay Beach while the lapping waves play a lullaby.

Going on a solo adventure could be the best decision you ever make. You won’t have anyone else to please. Your itinerary will be up to you. You can fill your days with plans or be spontaneous. Sleep in or get up before the sun rises. Laze on a beach with a book while you sip a cool drink or plunge into anything that grabs you. This is your chance to go whichever way the wind blows. Give yourself the ultimate getaway when you only have to please yourself.