5 Lessons for Bloggers and Content Marketers Courtesy of Leslie Knope

leslie knope

The NBC hit comedy, “Parks and Recreation” aired it’s final episode just over a year ago. It centered around a government parks and recreation office in small-town Indiana. The office was led by a quirky, determined, obsessively detail-oriented woman named Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler. But what does Leslie Knope have to do with success in blogging and content marketing? Well…

She knows her audience better than anyone else, and provides solutions to their problems.

There’s no one who knows the citizens of Pawnee better than Leslie Knope. As a blogger, you should look at your readers as your community. Your job is to make their lives a little bit easier by providing answers to their problems, just like Leslie does in her public forums! Speaking of public forums, you can hold one with your readers in your comments section, or on your social accounts. Find out what makes your customers tick, what they are interested in, and what other bloggers in your niche aren’t covering, but should be. If you want your reader’s loyalty, you have to involve them in your content creation process. Sometimes, they’ll disagree with you. You need to listen and respond positively to all of your reader’s feedback.

She’s unapologetically passionate and authentic

Leslie is a bit of a character. She’s weird, passionate, and incredibly thoughtful. Local government offices are not usually renowned for extremely passionate employees. The town of Pawnee means the world to Leslie. She may not always have the most orthodox way of solving problems, but that is what makes her such an inspiring leader. Your blog should be authentic above all else, and you should be incredibly passionate about your niche and those reading your content. People can tell when a writer is putting their all into creating awesome content, and those are the blogs that they will keep coming back to.

She’s almost too organized.

Organization is key for any business, including owning a blog. It’s important for your blog to be visually appealing and organized, but it’s also a great idea to create a content calendar for when to post about certain topics so they can gain the most traction.

She doesn’t let failure get in her way.

Nobody is perfect, and the reality is, not every post you write is going to be a hit. You could even get some negative backlash. If you take Leslie’s perspective, every failure is just an opportunity to improve yourself. 


She’s constantly brainstorming.

Leslie is obsessed with improving the lives of Pawnee’s citizens. She’s constantly dreaming up new ways to help out, and she doesn’t always think inside the box. As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, it’s really difficult to come up with an original idea. Maybe you will one day, and it’s a good point to strive for. But another way of coming up with a new solution to your reader’s problems is to do your research! Figure out what competing bloggers’ readers are responding to, whether it be positive or negative, and provide insight on answers that those readers are looking for. Take those ideas and give it a unique perspective, and you’ll likely attract more attention.Authenticity, passion, and organization are key variables to achieving success through your blog and your content marketing efforts. Make sure your readers know you’re taking their opinions and needs to heart, and write your content for them. Your enthusiasm and care won’t go unnoticed!