5 Tips for Creating Engaging Content

With so much content crowding the internet, how do you make sure your content gets noticed, and read? Here are a few tips on creating more engaging content:

Write to one person instead of many.

What kind of people are looking at your blog? It’s likely not just one strict personality type. You should divide your reader base into a few different character types, in order to create content that speaks to each one on a more personal level. This goes for blog writing, and even creating advertisements for your brand. For example, you are opening a small business that offers cooking classes. Who is likely to need your service?

  • Couples for date night
  • First-timers with no cooking background
  • Seasoned home chefs looking to improve their skill

These are just a few possible characters that may be interested in this particular service. Now that you have narrowed down your customer base into three profiles, you can create advertisements that speak to them on a more personal level, and address their needs more effectively. This works for your blog too. These three personality types may have similar interests, but by creating content that speaks to them on a more individual level, you are driving engagement, and will likely get more repeat visits to your site!

Ask your fans what they think:

Without readers, your blog doesn’t mean anything. You need to be creating content on behalf of your readers, and you should be either providing entertainment, new knowledge, or solving a problem. You should constantly be asking your readers for feedback on your content, so that you can constantly improve its quality and boost readership. Here are some ways to gather this kind of information from your users:

  • Social Media
  • E-mail lists
  • The comments section under your post
  • Polls
  • Quizzes
  • Surveys

Spend time listening to what your readers are complaining about, and what they take time to show appreciation for. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation with your fans on social media either. It’s important for your readers to see you as approachable.

Leave your readers with cliffhangers.

Give your readers a reason to come back to your site. Create excitement about what’s coming up next on your blog, and don’t give away all of your information in one post, you can always break topics up into segments for readers to follow.

Provide a new perspective.

Coming up with an original idea for content is very difficult, but you can still create engaging content by providing a new perspective on an existing conversation. Study what your competition is writing regarding the topic, and attack it from a new angle.

Great Imagery.

People are more likely to give your story a chance if the page it’s on is visually appealing. Use  high resolution photographs to help convey your message, as well as fun infographics and videos! A page that is all text is boring, and will have people leaving your page quickly. Use memes and GIFs too!