6 Best Trekking In South America

Trekking or also known as hiking is a wonderful sport that identifies with the adventure of touring and getting to know unusual places in the company of a light backpack and lots of water. Get to know this list of the 6 best trekking in South America to enjoy a splendid journey full of adrenaline.

Torres del Paine W Trek

It must be traveled approximately 55 km, is Torres del Paine W Trek, and is a circuit very visited by hikers worldwide. The route is very complicated, it can take up to 5 days depending on the time and gait that everyone adopts on this journey, and is very necessary to be well prepared physically and logistically. Remember to plan and coordinate each route very well so that you can get to each selected station without any problem. You’ll need to pre-book accommodation and food at each lodging site on the route

Cordillera Huayhuash

This magnificent place is located in Peru, where, the vast majority of trekking fans love this place, because, the places of Peruvian Andes are very different from those found in Chile and Argentina, basically, because of its climate, that thanks to it you will be able to observe more vegetation than is normally seen at the same height of south American contemporaries. This circuit takes up to 12 days and you can find shorter ones ranging from 4 days.

Fitz Roy

It is also well known as Chaltén Hill, this circuit focuses on an ascent to the mountain, is located right in Patagonia, and is the natural border between Chile and Argentina. These trekking circuits are carried out by both countries, which are carried out on the Argentine side are most popular for the great demand and effort required to execute this journey. The tours will offer you various packages ranging from 3 to 8 days depending on the route you want to travel.


Lost City Teyuna

The so-called Lost City Teyuna is located in Colombia, right in the Tayrona village in Sierra Nevad jungles, and only one hour from Santa Marta city. It is a majestic route surrounded by rainforest with important slopes and landscapes at every step. It is a very difficult circuit, so you can only enter them through one of the tour operators who work the route. It can take up to 6 days, it all depends on the physical capacity of the hikers, you will find more than 7 camps on the way to shelter that also belong to the tourist agencies of the area.


It is a splendid volcano, the highest in Ecuador and that also offers a very attractive circuit and visited by hikers, located in the center of Ecuador, in Chimborazo province, and is the connection point between Quito and Guayaquil. It is a snowfall with a size of more than 6,000 meters high and with a very beautiful environment when the climate has cleared because the massif is appreciated in all its splendor and imposing


It is located in the south of Bolivia, in an area with abundant livestock, agriculture, and tourism. Its natural environments are the most suitable for the best hiking trails in America. The best known is located in the city of El Valle de Los Condores, where the mountains contain a height of more than 3,000 meters above sea level.

If you are a lover of adventure and sport, you will not be able to leave behind the opportunity to know one of these places to make the best journey of your life with your best friends.