6 Luxury Travel Blogs To Help You Plan Your Next Splurge Vacation

Carmen’s Luxury Travel


Our Favorite Story: A #BiminiBliss Getaway: Hilton at Resorts World Bimini, Bahamas

Monthly Uniques: 10,100

Instagram Followers: 10,000

Twitter Followers: 11,000


Kelly Ella Maz

Our Favorite Story: How To Spend 3 Days In Amsterdam

Monthly Uniques: 9,000

Instagram Followers: 15,000

Twitter Followers: 8,900


The Jetsetter Diaries

Our Favorite Story: A Stay At Jumeirah Vittaveli Resorts Maldives

Monthly Uniques: 4,000

Instagram Followers: 46,000

Twitter Followers: 3,200


Camels & Chocolate

Our Favorite Story: Sleeping Like A Sheikh in Morocco

Monthly Uniques: 36,000

Instagram Followers: 11,000

Twitter Followers: 17,000


Joao Cajuda

Our Favorite Story: Four Seasons Serengheti

Monthly Uniques: 32,000

Instagram Followers: 108,000

Twitter Followers: 17,000


Mrs. O Around The World

Our Favorite Story: A Luxury Holiday in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

Monthly Uniques: 12,000

Instagram Followers: 17,000

Twitter Followers: 25,000