7 Vacation Tips While Pregnant

by Muhammad Sahabuddin

Planning to take a vacation soon, but you are pregnant? No need to worry, because pregnant women can still go on vacation by paying attention to a few points for the safety of themselves and their babies.

Yes, even though it can be tiring at times, it doesn’t mean that pregnancy makes you stay at home. You can still go to the vacation destinations you want, such as tourist places in Paris or hot springs in West Java.

Are you still confused about finding information regarding holiday tips while pregnant? Relax, you are in the right place because this will present some tips that you can do if you want to take a vacation while pregnant.

Do you want to know some holiday tips while pregnant? Check out the pointers below!

1. Prior consultation with a doctor

Holidays are activities that are designed to be fun. Believed to be able to relieve stress, holidays are also useful for pregnant women. Are you pregnant and want to stay on vacation? Make sure to apply holiday tips for pregnant women.

The first and most important holiday tip during pregnancy that you shouldn’t miss is to consult a gynecologist.

Doing a consultation with an obstetrician is very useful to find out whether your physical condition allows you to go on vacation or not because it is not uncommon for pregnant women to find their condition less fit during certain pregnancy periods.

You can ask the obstetrician anything. One of them is what risks you will encounter later. This needs to be done so that later you can anticipate what possibilities will happen.

2. Prepare medicines to be taken

Pregnancy is quite a crucial period for many women. There might be extra handling needed for women who are pregnant.

After consulting with an obstetrician, you now have an idea of ​​what to pay attention to when deciding to go on vacation such as the best tours in New York or Paris to see fireworks of the new year celebration.

The next step you have to do is prepare the medicines that must be brought. Yes, as we have mentioned above, pregnancy is a crucial period so pregnant women must pay close attention to their health.

Medicines are equipment that should not be absent if you want to take a vacation while pregnant. Make sure to note down what medications you usually take and put them in a practical place before leaving for vacation.

3. Going on vacation during the second trimester

There are several stages in pregnancy. Each stage shows a different behavior towards pregnant women. Yes, at this crucial time, you cannot go anywhere far away. Several things need to be considered.

The second trimester is the right time for you to go on vacation. Why? Because at this time, the condition of pregnancy is quite stable.

This can be seen from how pregnant women start not getting morning sickness anymore. The fetus itself is considered to be strong enough in the second trimester so that the pregnancy will feel lighter and less tiring.

Conversely, avoid going on vacation during the third trimester because, at this stage, the fetus is prone to giving birth.

4. Choose a place to stay that is clean and comfortable

When pregnant, hygiene should be one of your top priorities. Maintaining cleanliness is considered an important time for pregnant women because this involves the health of the mother and the fetus she is carrying.

Not only at home, but you should also always pay attention to cleanliness while on vacation. One way is to choose a place to stay that is clean and comfortable.

You can take advantage of various travel accommodation platforms that offer a wide selection of quality places to stay that prioritizes cleanliness and comfort.

In this way, your vacation time will feel more relaxed and enjoyable. The health of the fetus is also more guaranteed.

5. Travel destinations are virus-free

Yes, not all tourist places are sterile from disease. For pregnant women, endemic disease is one of the main enemies. Therefore, you need to consider the tourist places that you will visit.

Be selective in choosing a tourist spot for a vacation. As a form of anticipation, you can ask your doctor for a vaccine before taking a trip to your favorite destination.

6. Choose a tourist destination that is nearby

The condition of being pregnant certainly makes the body tired quickly. Therefore, we recommend that you go to places are close by for the safety of you and the fetus is being conceived.

You can choose domestic tourist destinations that are still in your country or state. Choosing a domestic tourist spot will not reduce the excitement of your vacation.

Many local tourist places are currently interesting to visit, and are not inferior to tourist spots abroad.

The relatively short travel time to these tourist attractions will certainly reduce the risk of body fatigue so that your vacation experience will not be disturbed.

7. Use the land route

Just like the previous point, the seventh and last point is very important for you to pay attention to considering the body of pregnant women is very vulnerable to fatigue.

For your tour to feel more comfortable, we recommend that you use land transportation modes such as private cars.

Avoid air or sea transportation as the potential for fatigue will be greater.

By using land transportation, your trip will feel more relaxed. The health of the fetus that is being conceived will be more secure. Easy right?

Those are holiday tips during pregnancy that we have reviewed and presented to you. Hopefully they are useful and have a great trip!