Why You Should Add a Little Romance To Your Content Marketing

Let’s imagine our content marketing strategy is a budding relationship. We no longer live in a world where it’s acceptable to force feed consumers your brand’s message. They simply won’t stick around for it. Have you ever been on a first date where the guy or gal you’re with just won’t stop talking about themselves? It’s likely you didn’t accept the second date offer. No one wants to hear your ego trip. A successful relationship, or even one successful date, requires a careful balance. To reference “How I Met Your Mother”, it turns out, you hate olives, but your customer can’t get enough of them.  Don’t get me wrong; you’re a marketer, and you still have a message you need to get across, but that should be secondary to your customer’s wants and needs, especially in the beginning. Content marketing should be 80% about the customer and 20% about your brand. You need to have a deep understanding about what your customer is looking for in order to create content that resonates with them. Throughout this journey, you’ll stumble upon your customer’s quirks. You’ll figure out what they love and hate, and you’ll have to adjust your strategy accordingly.

There’s a lot to be said for subtlety when it comes to content marketing.Think of the content relationship you create with your market as a long-term romantic conquest. Believe me, you’ll learn quickly, customers aren’t easily impressed. They have dozens of brands dying for just a tiny piece of their attention, and require a bit of charming.

Be yourself! No one likes to be on a date with a person who’s trying too hard. This is why working with bloggers is so great, you get to embrace unique personalities that have proven to resonate with a niche market you’re trying to get in on. It’s a good idea to stay away from corporate language as well, but instead speak in a tone that your market can relate to.Introduce them to your friends and family, the people who make up who you are! In relation to content marketing, this means introducing your team (or influencers!) to the market. Buzzfeed is great at this. They do a lot of content creation on Snapchat, where followers get to know some of their employees first hand, and look forward to watching their stories. Giving your readers a face or persona to associate your content with is a great way to personify your brand.Be accessible! A positive relationship of any kind requires two-way communication. Listen to what your customers are saying about your content, and ask them what they want to see more of. Foster a relationship with your followers on social, too! Make sure you’re responding to the negative feedback. It will only improve your content.Depending on your product, it may be a good idea to invest in some funny content from time to time. It’s important to keep things light, and entertaining content can be some of the most engaging. Make sure your humor is relevant and tasteful.