Be a Better Travel Blogger!

Do you want to get more views to your blog, and more sponsored post opportunities? Here are a few tips that will help your travel blog get noticed!

Choose a Niche

Choose a theme for your travel blog that is authentic and will make you stand out. Make sure the angle you pick is one that you can stick with, and become an expert on it. You also want to research the topic heavily before you commit. Make sure the topic is broad enough to cover over a long period of time, you don’t want to run out of juice early! Find out who your audience is, and if that audience is growing. The audience you tie yourself to should be one that will only grow in popularity, so your blog can grow along with it. You should also look into the competition within this group. Are they successful? You can take inspiration from their blog posts, and write about it from a new perspective to create a conversation within your audience! Look at their site critically, how would you make it better? What are they missing?

Use Social Media Plug-ins

You should make sure you have two different kinds of social media plug-ins:

  • Share buttons: These go at the bottom of each blog post, and make it easy for your readers to share your content on any of their social media accounts.
  • Follow buttons: These link from your blog to your social media pages, and will boost your followers! They should be easily visible and on the top right corner of each page of your site. Having these buttons on your blog will even allow you to see which social network your audience is using the most, so you know where to focus most of your attention.

Use Attention-grabbing Headlines:

The key to writing a great headline is to focus on your readers. Use the word “you” to create a sense of conversation. Asking a question in your headline is a great way to pull readers in. Once you’ve piqued your reader’s curiosity, solve the question in your post! You should always try to keep your title as concise as possible, while still creating an impact.

Make it Personal

People want to read content created by humans! Your writing should highlight your personality. You could be writing about that time you went scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. The truth is that thousands of others have too, so your perspective on the topic is what makes it interesting and memorable.

Get Close With Your Fellow Travel Bloggers

Linking to other relevant bloggers on the topic gives your blog more depth! It also increases credibility. Join the travel blogging conversation by engaging other bloggers on social media, their own blogs, and at networking events. The more the industry knows you, the more influence you will have! Bloggers you connect with will want to share your content with their readers too!

Make Your Content Simple to Read

Internet users like reading articles they can scan through quickly. Some great ways to create scannable content are utilizing lists, lots of photos, and using bolded and underlined subtitles to drag your reader’s eyes to the most important information.

Create a Publishing Calendar

Create a publishing calendar so you can let your readers know when to expect the next post. This generates excitement, and keeps them coming back to your page! Posting on a specific day each week, and share when your content is being released through your e-mail lists and social accounts.

Invest in Your Photography

Photography is arguably the most important aspect of a travel blog. They are the first images readers see when they arrive on your homepage, and may even be the deciding factor in whether they read on. Having a professional grade DSLR camera is the greatest investment you can make as a Travel Blogger. Your photos should always be high-resolution! Take time to study how lighting works, and other important photography rules. High-quality photographs will make your site look more professional!

Fully Utilize Your Social Media Networks

This one goes without saying! As a Travel Blogger, it’s your job to get your content shared! Make sure you are active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Each social network is different, so the way you use them should reflect that.

  • On Facebook: Write a summary about your post to get people to click, and join Travel Blogging groups for another sharing outlet.
  • On Pinterest: Your photography is especially important here. Use the most eye-catching photo to get the most clicks and re-pins on your post. Pinterest is also a great place to use infographics!
  • On Instagram: Again, your photography is incredibly important on this medium. You can’t link here, but just remind your followers to check out this week’s blog post with an eye-catching picture and caption! Don’t forget to put your URL in your bio!
  • Twitter: Tweet your posts often, and post your URL in your bio here, too! Summarize your post concisely but powerfully, since you only have 140 characters.

Happy Blogging! 🙂