Your Body Is More Important Than Your Head

Matt Cutts from Google released a PSA about a month ago talking about how your blog or website should contain text in the body of the page and not just in the head:

What This Means For Your Blog

Focus on writing great content to include in the <body> section of your blog. As stated in the video, many bloggers want to make sure their blog and content is formatted correctly for SEO and Google by adding meta keywords, meta descriptions, etc. into the <head> section of your blog. While all this stuff in the <head> is important, the text in the actual <body> of your page helps Google figure out if your content is related to the things people are searching for on Google.

Another Google Algorithm Change

With Panda being rolled out over time across Google to surface higher-quality sites over low-quality “thin sites,” it’s important to stay on top of the changes taking place to Google’s algorithm to best position your blog for success. Matt’s PSA video above hints at an algorithm change that aims to decipher between authority and popularity:

So popularity is some sense is a measure of where people go, whereas PageRank is much more a measure of reputation, it’s much more reputation of where people link, and there is a disparity there or else porn sites would have the highest PageRank and government sites would be very, very low within our ranking system, and that’s not the way that things work. We tend to see more links to reputable government websites. – Matt Cutts

Basically, think about what topic your blog and content is an expert in, and continue to be an expert in that topic. If your blog is about cars, link to other important car websites, blogs, and reviews and you will eventually become an authority in that space and your website should rise up in the rankings. If your blog is about arts and crafts for kids, link to other websites that talk about arts and crafts. Pretty simple, right?

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