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All She Cooks by Jessica McCoy



Without further ado, let’s welcome our first featured Blogger’s Corner! Jessica McCoy is a Wisconsin-based author, traveler, wife, mother, photographer…and more. As she aptly notes in her “about me” page, “If you’re familiar with food blogging, you know a lot of us wear many hats.” Jessica’s blog, All She Cooks, is a wonderful digital display of her many activities.








Q: How would you describe your blog to a person that has never visited it before?


Jessica: (ASC) is a food focused life-style blog. Most of what we share on ASC are family-friendly meals that are easy to prepare. We have some gluten-free recipes, a lot of desserts, and a lot of delicious main dish meals. If you think you can’t cook—think again. You can. In addition to food, we share travel articles and some lifestyle articles focusing on entertainment and the occasional health/beauty feature.



Q: What made you decide to create a blog?


Jessica: I started All She Cooks both as an outlet for writing and to document my forays in the kitchen.



Q: Was there a moment when you thought, “I could do this professionally”? If so, what triggered that desire/realization?


Jessica: When I started landing sponsored posts, I realized that I could make a living from All She Cooks. I’ve always had a passion for writing, so being able to use that skill is an amazing thing.



Q: What fuels your passion for creating content?


Jessica: I love creating content that the average home cook will be able to easily replicate. When I started out food blogging, it was as much to challenge myself in the kitchen as it was to share recipes with my readers. Teaching myself to cook has made me realize that there are a lot of people out there that don’t really know their way around the kitchen. Providing recipes and creating a calming voice for those who are unsure of themselves around the kitchen provides me peace of mind.



Q: Are there any blogs or publications that you follow closely? What makes them successful in your opinion?


Jessica: There are several. Six Sisters Stuff and Love Bakes Good Cakes are two that I’ve been following for years. They are successful because they write for everyone. Yes, their photos are great and their recipes are amazing, but the recipes they share are what the average home cook might be whipping up on any given night. That makes them both approachable and relatable.



Q: What has been the biggest challenge in maintaining a successful blog?


Jessica: The biggest challenge in maintaining a successful blog is ensuring consistency all around—this includes frequency of posts as well as scheduling social media and working with brands and marketing agencies. These aspects of blogging are essential to creating a website that is consistently increasing its pageviews, attracting potential partnerships, and most importantly providing readers with useful information that solves a problem.



Q: What is your favorite post that you created? Why?


Jessica: My Strawberry Limeade Rum Punch Recipe post, because it generated quite a buzz and a large amount of traffic. I have since republished it and lost the true count of how many times it had been pinned. I also went back to that post, edited and added to it several times, using it as a tool that taught me a lot of things to improve my blogging.







Q: How much does social media influence your writing? This might be a commentary on the posts you read or the way that you tailor your posts for those channels.


Jessica: Social media influences my writing in that I try to post recipes and/or travel pieces that I know be well-received by my audience. If I see that a specific recipe is getting a lot of traction on Pinterest or Facebook, I know that similar types of posts will likely be of interest to my readers/followers.



Q: What is your favorite social media channel? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, other? Why?


Jessica: I really like Pinterest and Facebook in terms of traction from those channels to All She Cooks.



Q: Do you have any last piece of advice for aspiring bloggers?


Jessica: Identify your goals early on. A lot of bloggers, myself included, start out blogging for fun and not profit. While that is one way of blogging, if you think that this might be something you’d like to make a career out of, treat it that way from the beginning. Growing a business is a lot different than blogging for the fun of it in that consistency pays off.



Q: What is something that you could share with us that we wouldn’t learn from reading your blog?


Jessica: I have a passion for writing and have always wanted to write a book, or at the very least a cookbook. It’s something that is on my bucket list.



Around the Corner


I’ll be keeping a watchful eye out for Jessica’s cookbook. I gained 10lbs just looking at the delicious recipes she has featured on All She Cooks. Jessica’s insights were similarly delectable. Consistency, clarity of vision, and diligence should all be duly noted. Perhaps most notably, Jessica highlights the way in which blogs and blog posts are truly “living” content. Even though a post is live, that doesn’t mean edits can’t be made and additions can’t be incorporated!



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