Cooperatize Guest Blogger Feature: Top Five Travel Hacks for Digital Nomads


Where do you want to work? It’s only getting easier to work wherever your heart desires. Of course, there are always ways to make your life easier and avoid the most common mistakes of rookie nomads. Make doing what you want, where you want even easier by following AllTheRooms’ Top Five Travel Hacks for Digital Nomads.




Pack Your Bag Wisely


Some of the most important things you’ll need on your trip take up practically no space, but can make all the difference in the world. Make sure you get a universal power adapter. Get a local SIM card when you arrive to help you with communication and internet. And never underestimate the importance of a high capacity USB stick — you never know when you might need to print a copy of your passport or any number of important documents.


Download Essential Apps


Save yourself time and energy by letting your smartphone do the work for you. Triposo is your one-stop-shop travel guide for wherever you are, offering everything from common phrases in the local language to currency conversion rates. SweetSpots will measure the speed of a Wi-Fi connection so you don’t waste your time at a dud café. And for scanning important documents, make sure you get iScanner on your phone.


Find Free Wi-Fi


The importance of finding a Wi-Fi connection, and preferably a free one, cannot be understated. Check out a hotspot database before your trip to plan ahead. Download WiFi Map or research Wigle to know where to find Wi-Fi at your destination. Or consider places that have Wi-Fi that you may have never even thought of — laundromats, fast food restaurants and parks are just a few places that could have the connection that you need. (Read: 12 Places You Didn’t Know Had Free WiFi)


Be Part of a Community

If there is one thing you want to avoid on your nomadic journey, it is loneliness. You can have a dream job in the most amazing city, but without people to share the experience with, you may feel like you’re missing out on something. Whether it’s an expat community, one related to your line of work, or simply a hobby, networking and making social connections is perhaps the most important thing for you to do. Search on Facebook or Meetup for a listing of events taking place in your city — browse by your interests, or take a look at the full listing and try something new.






Work Outside of Your Home


You may think it’s smart to work and live in the same place, but sooner or later you’re going to get a case of cabin fever. Defining your workplace as separate from your living space will both increase your productivity and help you enjoy your “home away from home” even more. Workfrom and Work Hard Anywhere are both excellent resources for finding a workplace wherever you are.


From packing your bag to finding your perfect workplace, now you know what you need to make your odyssey as efficient and productive as possible. And wherever you decide to lay your head, check out  AllTheRooms for your perfect place to say.




This guest story was brought to you by:  Doug Greene from AllTheRooms