Cooperatize Guest Blogger Feature: Website design – 2017 trends that you do not want to miss


Website design – 2017 trends that you do not want to miss



High street stores change their product layout to reflect current design ideas, as well as improve the customer experience. Changing and adapting your website design follows the same reasoning; you want to make your product or service as appealing as possible.  After all, your website is really just a digital shop window.

You do not have to adopt every single new design idea that is out there. If you did, your web presence would probably only end up appearing confused and lacking in focus. You need to take a look at the latest design trends for 2017 and decide which ones are best suited to helping you improve your website.



Big and bright colours






Designers are definitely embracing eye catching colour schemes this year. There are striking shades of blue, red, yellow and green appearing on sites all over the Web. It helps to use one or two central colours and use gradients to give the design more depth.

As you may realise, this design theme is not suited to every business. For instance, anyone who is looking to hire a reputable lawyer is probably not going to be impressed by a vivid red design choice. You need to consider your customer base before you go mad with the colour palette.



Big and bold type choices






It’s not just colour schemes that are going bold this year; there is also a definite trend towards using bigger and bolder fonts. This is an excellent design concept if you are attempting to get simple messages across. Do not forget that you have to consider mobile users when you are deciding on the font for your website. They need to be able to read it as easily as desktop users.



Going modular





Modular web design is based on the use of blocks and grids. It’s not a new concept, but it’s growing in popularity and a hot choice for 2017. If you want to define the different elements of your web pages then this type of design is a clever choice.




Thinking responsively


Responsive website design is still relatively new, and it’s Google’s recommended way to go for anyone designing a website. The flexible grids, that are part of responsive design, mean that your website automatically fits to the screen on which it’s being viewed. This is important, if you want to appeal to the significant mobile device audience that is out there.


Is VR a flash in the pan?






VR is still something that excites many web designers. But, the experts are undecided as to whether this is a trend which is here to stay, or something that will start to blend into the background in the near future. If you are involved in the world of gaming, it makes sense to embrace the design aspects of VR. If not, it may be a good idea to keep an eye on the landscape, before you take the plunge.



Have we shown you a design trend that can help you? If you are not sure what design trends are suited to your needs, it may be a good idea to speak to an expert in web design and marketing online in Sydney. They have experience of designing across different sectors, and can put this experience to use to help you get the best results from your website design.


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