Guest Post: Influencing On The Move: Tips For Starting A Stand Out Travel Instagram


Fans of wanderlust can’t get enough of travel bloggers’ snaps and content.  And destinations are always on the lookout for the next big influencer to help them reach new audiences. With literally thousands of blogs all vying for similar audiences (some might even describe it as a saturated market) how do you make your content stand out from the crowd? Taking Instagram, the go-to platform for many a budding travel influencer, as an example – the hashtag #travelgram has nearly 80million tags and counting, #travel has another 322 million – you get the picture! If you’re just starting out in the world of wanderlust or you’re a seasoned blogger looking to refresh your content strategy, here are some tips to boost your following and make you more attractive to destinations in search of the next micro-influencer.

What’s in a name?



Your username is the first building block to your brand – it’s how people discover, connect with and remember you. A good username needs to be short, snappy and memorable; too long-winded and it becomes difficult to remember, spell and tag.  Your name needs to be unique and relatable.  A travelgram account needs to be relevant to your audience and give an immediate idea of what your content is about.  It also needs to be unique – don’t just follow a generic format.  Think about the audience you want to appeal to and a what makes your account unique.  Which brings us to the next point…


Find Your Niche



Some of the most influential Instagrammers have made their mark by approaching travel Instagram from a different perspective.  Abandoned Earth, for example, features derelict or abandoned locations from around the globe. Digital Globe takes a higher standpoint with top-down Google Earth photography of renowned locations. To stand out, you need to think about what makes you and your travel Insta account special.  How is your content going to be different from everybody else?  Perhaps if you’re an accountant wanting to break into the world of travel blogging you could focus on finding beautiful low budget accommodation. If you’re a chef or foodie, why not seek out the world’s weirdest cuisines?  Or if you’re an interiors expert, you could showcase the most unique interior design the world has to offer.



Location, Location, Location



Insta is all about beautiful photography. So, location is one of the most important factors for formulating your content strategy.  Beach scenes are all well and good, but it doesn’t have to be an exotic getaway to find stunning scenery. Think about travelling to places that can give you a wide range of different locations in one trip. A great example would include Cornwall in the UK which has an abundance of beaches as well as quirky landmarks and historical sites. City breaks also make for great photography, but why not visit a city with a beach such as Rio de Janiero or Barcelona, and some of the most exciting Insta accounts showcase the beauty found in urban locations.



Building for the future…



Once you’ve got the basics right, travel Instagram is all about building a loyal following and providing them with great content that will keep them engaged.  Collaboration is also key to audience growth, so try and link up with other like-minded bloggers to become part of a community. It’s also good to consider and utilize hashtags that’ll get you noticed in your given area.


Story provided by: Jane Sandwood