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Simply Stacie


We are excited to present Simply Stacie by Stacie Vaughn. Before getting into the blog, we all owe Stacie a heartfelt “Thank you!”. Stacie is an ex-military wife and mother. We all acknowledge that the strength and courage of our troops is not limited to those who are actively serving but extends inexorably to the families that support them. 





Meet Stacie


I’m a woman who wears many hats, but not in the literal sense! First and foremost, I’m a mom of two beautiful girls, ages 18 and 12. They are my world and I couldn’t be more proud of them!



I’m also an ex-military wife. Over the past 18 years, I’ve lived in four different provinces across Canada. Currently, I’m located in my hometown of Pembroke, Ontario where we planted our roots and intend on staying. Small town living is perfect for us.



I have a business background and studied at both Algonquin College and University of New Brunswick. Before becoming a blogger, I worked full-time as an accountant while pursuing my CGA (Certified General Accountant) designation. In 2007, I made a hard decision to leave my job and become a stay-at-home mom.



It wasn’t until 2008 that I became a blogger. One day I just decided to write and Simply Stacie was born. My blog began as a hobby and something to keep me busy while my girls were at school. I’ve always loved to write so having a blog seemed like a natural thing to do and also gave me a creative outlet.



Besides being a mom, wife and blogger, I’m also an amateur photographer, bibliophile, foodie, animal lover, frugalista and neat freak. And yes, I even enjoy cleaning my house!




Q:  How would you describe your blog to a person that has never visited before?


Stacie: Simply Stacie is a lifestyle blog full of delicious recipes, easy crafts, household tips and other fun ideas to inspire readers to embrace an extraordinary life. I’m passionate about helping others and hope that my posts ignite that spark of creativity within others whether it’s preparing a home cooked meal for their family, saving money on their grocery budget or learning about a new product or service.



Q:  Was there a moment when you thought, “I could do this professionally”? If so, what triggered that desire/realization.


Stacie: There wasn’t one a-ha moment, per se. In 2010, I started to monetize my blog. When I did my taxes for the year, I discovered I had made $5,000. I realized that I could actually earn a bit of money doing something I love. It was a great feeling. My income grew from there until it more than replaced what I earned at my old accounting job. When I bought a house on my own through the money I earned blogging, it made me proud. I would have never thought blogging could turn into something that I could support my family on, but thankfully it did.



Q:  What has been the biggest challenge in maintaining a successful blog?


Stacie: I think the biggest challenge I face on a daily basis is time management. Blogging is a ton of work and so much goes on behind the scenes that people don’t realize. You have to write the content, promote it, deal with emails, handle the technical stuff and still continue to keep up with the ever-changing and evolving online world.


How I manage is by delegating although that wasn’t easy! I’m a control freak and like to do everything myself. I realized that I couldn’t. I was stressed out and working way too much. I hired a virtual assistant in 2015 to help me and last year, I hired my cousin to help me at home with recipes. Best decision ever! I have more time now to focus on what I love doing – creating content to share with my readers.


Q:  What is your favorite social media channel? Why?


Stacie: That’s easy – Pinterest! I use it daily both for my blog and for personal inspiration. I love to pin food and organizing posts the most. I just hit 300,000 followers on Pinterest over the holidays. I put a lot of time and effort into Pinterest because it is a significant source of traffic for my blog.



Q: What fuels your passion for creating content?


Stacie: My main goal is to help people. It could be through teaching them something new with a tutorial or recipe, providing them with inspiration via a quote or a photo or let them know about a new product or service that’s been working for me. I enjoy writing and photography and it doesn’t feel like “work” to me. I hope that comes across in the blog posts I write!




Q:  What is your favorite post that you created? Why?


Stacie: That’s a tough one! I’d have to say my post with Food Photography Tips & Tricks. My goal in 2016 was to improve my photography. I took online courses, read books and most importantly, practiced A TON! I know I’ve come a long way since I first started and that’s a great feeling. I shared the most helpful things I learned and provided examples so people could visually see how to implement the tips themselves. I’ve had people email me to thank me for writing it and how they are noticing that the tips I shared are helping them too.








Q: Do you have any last piece of advice for aspiring bloggers?


Stacie: Blogging is a lot of work and it takes TIME to build a successful blog. I spent years on my blog before I made a dime. Do it because you love it not because you want to make money. Be consistent, invest the hours and most importantly, be yourself!



Around the Corner


Authenticity is so often lost or compromised in the world of professional blogging. How very apt to sign off with, “be yourself”! If there was any doubt about Stacie following her own advice, that can be quickly dispelled by checking out the section of her blog that boasts over 1,500 posts! “…invest the hours” is right.



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