Learn How to Create Addictive Content from Industry Experts

Today’s consumers have grown smarter, and less tolerant of impersonal and “sales-y” pitches, which created the need for advertisers to change their strategy. What would get a consumer’s interest, and keep it?

Perhaps the answer lies with Native Advertising, an advertisement that takes the form of the medium in which it is implanted, or specifically “Influencer Advertising.”

Advertisers began to let Influencers in social media and blogging spheres take the reigns. Why? Because, no one cares about your ad. However, they care very much about something a friend, or trusted expert has to say. A study conducted by Nielsen in 2012 showed that 92% of people trusted a social recommendation, whether it be from a friend or a social media influencer, more than any other  type of mainstream advertising. Further, readers feel compelled to share a recommendation on all of their social media platforms, amplifying a brand’s reach.

Even so, the internet is overflowing with content, with more than half of it ignored. Creating content that is completely original and provides value is really hard to do. Despite this, there are still ways to put yourself a cut above the rest. Last week, Venngage asked 46 Digital Marketing and Content Strategy experts to give some insight on how to create addictive content.

Addictive Content is defined as content that gives the reader something they haven’t been presented with before, whether it be a new perspective, advice, or something with entertainment value.

Something that your readers can’t ignore. It’s a dreamy concept in the eyes of advertisers, since most readers will do anything to steer clear of your advertisements. If you’re creating content with addictive quality, you’ve captured their interest, and you’ve already done a marketer’s most difficult job. Here are the excerpts of what some of today’s Content Strategy experts have to say about generating content that is hard to ignore: