Destination Highlight: Taiwan

Here at Cooperatize, we love travel. Like a lot. And one of the best parts of what we do every day is getting to learn about all the different destinations being highlighted by our rock star travel and lifestyle bloggers and then adding them to our own travel bucket lists. So in order to compile and share all of these awesome new places and insights, we’ve decided that each month we’ll highlight a different destination we’ve worked with and some of the cool things it has to offer.



First on the list: Taiwan.


The Taiwan Tourism Bureau has been a partner of ours for a while now and we’ve had the great pleasure of working with them on quite a few campaigns – covering everything from Taiwan Day at Citified in NYC to the Annual Taiwan Cycling festival.



Here are 5 great things we’ve learned about Taiwan in the past year:






    2. That Taiwanese Egg Tart Looks Familiar for a Reason
      One of this writer’s personal favorite pastries in the whole wide world is the Pastel de Nata- a deliciously flaky egg custard pastry made famous by the bakery, Pasteis de Belem in Lisbon (or maybe it was the other way around 😉 ). Well it turns out there is another place this delicious treat calls home. You guessed it! Taiwan. Specifically at the island nation’s famous night markets. Check out this post by Wanderlust Marriage for more info about these delicious treats along with some more Taiwanese night market #foodporn.




  2. The Teng Feng Fish Ball Museum
    While we’re on the topic of Taiwanese Cuisine- did you know that Taipei has an entire museum dedicated to this local favorite? Neither did we! Here you can learn all about the process that goes into these balls of goodness and even try your hand at making some yourself! Thanks to Cosmos Mariners: Destination Unknown for highlighting this as well as some other cool and quirky museums in Taipei.




  4. Taiwan is home to Asia’s largest Pride celebration
    That’s right! In 2017 there were roughly 150,000 attendees, which was in fact 50% greater than the previous year due to new legislation in favor of LGBTQ rights for citizens of the island nation. Check out Dopes on the Road for more LGBTQ travel inspo and this post highlighting more of their Tawian favorites.




  6. The Island of Taiwan Can be Circumnavigated by Bike— in Just 2 Weeks!
    Despite its small in size, this has not always been the case for Taiwan. But since the government started investing in cycle-ways – and Cycle Route No. 1 officially became a thing in 2015- cyclists can now do so. In fact, many travel from all over the world to do just that in the Formosa cycling event, as well as participate in other events and races at the Annual Taiwan Cycling Festival that takes place each November. Check out this post from Kollecting Koordinates- a Taiwanese Native herself!-  for more awesome things that take place during this annual cycling extravaganza!




  8. This Year Was the First Tech-Inspired Taiwan Lantern Festival
    The Taiwan Lantern Festival is a festival that celebrates age-old tradition and folklore, but this was the first year The Taiwan Tourism Bureau decided to add a modern twist. Not only was there an app to help you navigate your lantern festival experience- with information about the times and locations of different displays and events as well as where to find the best fare to accompany your lantern gazing along the way- but many of the displays also featured some truly unique designs and innovative new technology. To find out more about this year’s Taiwan Lantern Festival, check out this post by Road Affair.




Have you been to Taiwan? Are you dying to go? We’d love to hear about your favorite places and experiences in the comments below!!



More travel inspo to come! Stay tuned!



By: Blaire Massaroni for Cooperatize