Discover These 5 Dog-Friendly Travel Destinations

Photo by Emerson Peters from Unsplash

by Mike Powell, Editor in Chief,

Admit it—holidays are exponentially more enjoyable when your dog gets to tag along! Fortunately, dog-friendly travel destinations in the U.S. are becoming a norm, which means you can skip the boarding and begin drafting your pet-focused itinerary. 

Whether you host a dog travel blog or simply love a getaway with your four-legged friend in tow, here are a few dog-friendly travel destinations you’ll want to hit up on your next sabbatical. 

Colorado Springs, Colorado

If you love a long hike, the mountain scenery along Colorado Springs makes for a stunning view for humans and pups alike. Areas such as the Garden of Gods, Cripple Creek, and Manitou Cliff Dwelling allow for leashed pets to sniff around. 

Keep in mind that some breeds are better suited for trail adventures. If your pup isn’t quite the athlete you are, consider using a body-strapped pet carrier and take along spare bottles of water. 

Sedona, Arizona

If your active dog loves a challenging hike, Sedona, Arizona, is the place to be. Areas like the Coconino National Forest are known for their iconic red rock formations, perfect for photogenic pups! 

Are you planning to stay within city limits? Not a problem. The Sedona Dog Park features breathtaking views and natural grounds for off-leash adventures. You won’t find a shortage of pet-friendly accommodation here either!

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque’s mild year-round climate makes for a unique travel destination for you and your pup. With so much to do, you might even have trouble narrowing your list of sights and sounds! 

Consider a picnic with your dog at the New Mexico Hot Air Balloon Festival if you’re traveling in October or take a relaxing walk along White Sands National Park. You and your dog’s feet will love the feel of fine, warm sand between the toes!   

Austin, Texas

Austin has to be one of the most pet-friendly cities for every traveler and their canine comrade. If you’re a yoga fanatic, you won’t want to miss out on Austin Doga—if your pet can keep its focus!

Otherwise, other activities include tips down to Lady Bird Lake, where water-loving dogs can take a cool dip. You can even take them on a quick paddleboard session! If you and your dog love a hearty feast, Austin is home to dozens of pet-friendly restaurants, cafes, and bars.  

San Diego, California

Known for its sun, surf, and sand, San Diego is an ideal travel destination for regular beachgoers. A weekend trip will spoil you and your pup for choice regarding selecting a dog beach. You might consider Fiesta Island, Ocean Beach, or Mission Bay Beach. 

If you’re visiting in July, you might even be able to take part in the Unleashed Surf Dog Competition! Wind down in the evening by walking San Diego’s historic parks. 

Get Those Paws Planning

With pet-centered holidays on the rise, these are just a few destinations you’ll want to add to your list of must-sees. As mid-pandemic travel options grow more accessible, you can begin planning with your pup in mind. 
When visiting new destinations, note important information such as local climates and transportation. Take along a list of what your dog can and cannot eat, travel accessories, and update emergency contacts.