Egg Puns Anyone? NYC’s Latest Pop-up Shop is for Egg-venturers Everywhere.

Pop up stores are cropping up in many cities and are the new “it” things to keep in mind as you plan your next trip. Pop up stores are innovative temporary shops, museums, or shows, that appear in a given city for a finite amount of time. They create elements of scarcity, immediateness, and innovation that make them very exciting for tourists, locals, and thrill seekers.


The latest pop up we’ve found in our hometown of New York City, is The Egg House. Created by a brunch loving interior design student named Biubiu, The Egg House is located in New York’s Lower East Side is an EggVenture for any one that loves taking pictures, and an inter-egg-tive experience. The pop-up’s homepage describes itself as the new home for America’s favorite breakfast food delightfully:


“The world’s beloved breakfast food found a new home in New York City! When his friends ask him why NYC, Ellis replies, “I have a dream that I could be a part of something greater here.” He has opened up his humble home in the Lower East Side, where together we get to interact with his hopes and dreams in a place called The Egg House.”



The Egg House not only acts as a museum for egg lovers but hosts events like a skin care launch, a birthday party, a gender reveal party, musical events including the drummer of Gun’s N Roses. Influencers have flocked to the Egg House as the go to place for must-have pictures. It’s recommended to swing by the Egg House on a weekday for a nice leisurely flow, but make your plans soon, The Egg House is going on the road to Shanghai soon and is leaving New York on June 27.




Have you been to The Egg House yet? Any plans to go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!!