Eileen Chow of YesMissy


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Eileen Chow of YesMissy

Anyone who’s in the business of blogging knows that aside from the endless list of things you have to do and organize and the general feeling that there just aren’t enough hours in a day, the hardest(?) part of keeping a viable brand afloat and thriving is actually taking the time to stop and smell the roses that you so meticulously document on Instagram. That is to say- living in the moment- and actually remembering to love the life you’re living for and because of blogging in the first place.


Well doing just that is kind of this next blogger’s forte. Eileen Chow of the lifestyle blog YesMissy describes her blog as a place to not only highlight the things in life that bring her joy and fulfillment,  but also as what she hopes is an inspiration to others to go out and create their own meaningful moments.


And goodness knows we all could use a little bit more of that- especially on a Friday.









Meet Eileen

Hi, my name is Eileen and I am the lifestyle blogger behind YesMissy. I’m a creative mind, and a lover of fashion and wanderlust at heart. My blog is a place where I share my thoughts on style, beauty, and my light-hearted view on life. Here you’ll find all the things I feel passionate about and that bring joy to my life. Each one of my posts is a small story of my life and my goal is to put a little inspiration in everyone’s day.


I’ve had the opportunity to work with big and small brands in fashion, beauty and travel, including Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, Kohl’s, and Ford Canada.


Q: How would you describe your blog to a person that has never visited it before?


Eileen: Yes Missy is a light-hearted lifestyle blog that celebrates living a beautiful life and all the things that make it special. My blog is where you’ll find things I love and feel passionate about, from fashion and beauty to decor, travel, and more. Beyond just a blog, YesMissy encompasses my philosophy that life is about creating moments and not waiting for them.



Q: What made you decide to create a blog?
Eileen: I was looking for a creative outlet where I could share the things I love to do in my life. I started it just on a whim, and I’m so glad I did. My blog has grown and evolved and grown from its humble beginnings as a DIY blog into a lifestyle blog that encompasses all the things I enjoy in my life.



Q: Was there a moment when you thought, ‘I could do this professionally’ If so, what triggered that desire/realization?


Eileen: I wouldn’t say there was a particular moment, but there were little hints along the way.  As my traffic started to grow and I was getting more opportunities to work with various brands.  I started to realize it just might be possible for me to do this professionally. After blogging for close to 5 years, I finally left my job 2 months ago to pursue blogging full time. So far it’s been amazing to do what I love and I’m excited for the future of it.


Q: What fuels your passion for creating content?


Eileen: Life experiences fuel my passion for creating content. As we grow and explore the world I think it opens our eyes and lights a creative fire within us. This can be anything as simple as trying new activities to just having a good time with friends. These moments make us feel alive. My blog is all celebrating these moments and enjoying them.


Q: What has been the biggest challenge in maintaining a successful blog?


Eileen: I think the biggest challenges are time management and organization. There’s so many small things that go into managing a blog beyond just creating content. There’s the back end website management, marketing, promotion, outreach, it’s really a full business with lots of things to manage and different hats to wear. I manage my day to day activities with a planner, but I have countless spreadsheets to manage my editorial calendar, stats etc. to keep track of everything that’s going on behind the scenes.


Q: How much does social media influence your writing? This might be a commentary on the posts you read or the way that you tailor your posts for those channels.


Eileen: I would say social media helps inspire me in my writing. There are so many great bloggers out there and social media is a great way discover trends and products. I spend a good amount time on Instagram getting ideas and connecting with other bloggers.



Q: What is your favorite social media channel? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, other? Why?

Eileen: My favorite social media channel is Instagram. I love photography and it’s inspiring to see so many people share their photos around the world. There’s such a great community of bloggers on Instagram and connecting with them has created a great support network as well.


Q: Do you have any last piece of advice for aspiring bloggers?


Eileen: Be committed. Your blog only grows if you put effort into it on a regular basis over a period of time. Whether it is posting everyday or posting once a week, make a commitment to set a schedule and stick to it.  



Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for next week’s Blogger’s Corner feature!



-Blaire Massaroni, for Cooperatize Journal