Facebook Studio Awards: The Academy Awards of Brands Using Facebook

Apparently Facebook has a Creative Council that judges how different brands and companies use Facebook to reach and engage an audience. Considering that Facebook reaches over 1 billion people, marketing and advertising on Facebook is pretty darn important for your brand. Here are the top 2 Blue Award winners from the 2014 Facebook Studio Awards:

Newcastle Brown Ale – If We Made It

Amnesty International – Trial by Timeline

Judging Criteria

We think the criteria the Facebook Creative Council used to judge the submissions were quite comprehensive and demonstrated the detail the judges looked for:

  • Craft and execution: Is there a focus on high quality visuals, aesthetics and copywriting? Did your creative add to people’s experience in News Feed? Did the work exemplify the brand voice and was it relevant for the audience?
  • Scale and targeting: Did you reach all of the people who matter to you? Did you reach them where they spend the most time—in News Feed and on mobile? Did you use Facebook marketing products to extend the reach of your message?
  • Business results: What metrics did you establish for your campaign? How did your Facebook campaign drive the overall business goals and ROI for the client?

Read more about the awards on the Facebook for Business blog and also get an inside look at the jury selection process at the bottom of the post!