Five New Year’s Resolutions To Grow Your Audience

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– Post regularly

To grow your audience and keep your existing fan base engaged, you need to create content. And to create content, you need to post regularly. Most writers write and publish daily and most of the time it is not their best work. While there is a disagreement online for how often you should write, I do believe that writing regularly no matter what the time interval is, allows you to explore, experiment (you’ll be able to understand what kind of content your audience likes and what they don’t like), and make writing a habit. By posting regularly you’ll stay top of mind in today’s rapidly moving social media world (more on this in the “promote via your platforms” section below). Furthermore, by turning your posting and writing into a habit, you can help break through the discouraging lack of audience that happens in the beginning of all careers. Gary Vaynerchuk said that the first hundred or so episodes of his WineLibrary YouTube show had so few viewers that he was ready to throw in the towel. However, he stuck to it and through his habit of regular posting got him to a point where when he did develop a voice and audience it snowballed and grew exponentially. Finally, from a technical perspective, Google likes websites that are updated often so the more you post the more Google will crawl you and the better your page ranking.

As you see from our own blog postings, we need to take this as our own resolution 🙂

– Be on point

Each social media follower in your feed has a certain “beat.” You follow them for a reason; when you follow various experts you expect commentary on their expertise.  By being focused on a particular topic, you get a chance to develop the reputation as that expert. We’ve tried to take this advice by focusing on travel even though a lot of you have seen campaigns by other lifestyle brands. However, by focusing on travel we can (hopefully) become the leading travel influencer platform. In addition, you’ll get links from others that see you as the expert in a particular topic, which segues perfectly into the next tip.

– Hyperlink to other sources

When you hyperlink to other sources you are helping Google determine what your content is about as well as making your stories much more helpful to your readers, which Google also likes.

Here’s another New Year’s Resolution article on how to grow your audience. And while the concept of hyperlinking is probably beyond the scope of this resolution, if you are interested, check out this article about hyperlinks and their benefits.

– Promote via your platforms

We are now creating content at a breakneck pace, thus if you write it, they won’t come anymore. People aren’t coming to your site anymore with the death of RSS readers. The new RSS readers are social media, primary Facebook, where we see more than half of our publishers’ traffic coming from. A strong headline or interesting teaser image or a witty comment ensures traffic from that post. While there are other platforms (i.e. Snap, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest) and each of you has an expertise in one or all of them, an overlooked platform is your email list. As old as email is, it is still a very effective way to reach your audience, even when those messages end up in the dreaded “promotions” tab. My friend Andrew Rosen writes his Parqor newsletter every Monday about the video space. He writes strictly as an email and does it regularly about the video space. He’s taken several of our resolutions and grown his audience!

Finally, share other blogger’s work. This will help you keep your social followers engaged while not having to create the source content. In addition, you’ll get goodwill from them to share your articles later.

– Tell a good story

Many actors are told before the audition to “make a strong choice, even if you are wrong, make a strong choice.” The goal of the audition is to see an actor’s range and to see if they can take a strong position. Writing is very similar. Take a stance on something and stick to it. Don’t be middle of the road. A story like this one, let’s be honest, is pretty easy to write. There’s a glut of these crappy top 10 David Letterman and Buzzfeed type articles. What’s not so easy to write are articles that take a strong stand on something. Maybe you like something and can’t stop raving about it; harder to write is a critique on something you don’t like. Regardless of which stance you take, good strong writing is about taking a stance and sticking to it. Here’s an example of an article I wrote many years ago about why I thought New York is a better place to start a business than San Francisco (to this day, I still get hard core SFer’s telling me how wrong and stupid I am).

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That’s it folks! Here’s to a great start to 2019. I hope to get more and more campaigns onto the platform for this year and help you all make more money 🙂