GUEST POST: 5 Reasons Your Influencer Marketing Brand is Not Working

Influencer marketing is a hot topic in any advertising discussion these days and if you’ve joined this movement you’re in for an exciting time. But perhaps you’re already facing challenges in this new business venture of being an influencer?

It’s not necessarily because you’ve chosen the wrong career path. Doing influencer marketing can be a lucrative business but simply because it works for many people, doesn’t mean it’s easy. Here are some common mistakes you may inadvertently make as an influencer. Identify the problem, get a solution and in a few months’ time you could have the number of followers and the revenue you’ve dreamt of.

You Haven’t Given it Enough Time and Effort

How much time did you invest in creating your brand’s elements? Hopefully you’ve done the work in creating a captivating logo design from a reputable graphic design company; set up your social media profiles and even start a website with a blog. All these elements will reflect on your brand, so make sure they’re of top quality.

Then, just because you got it right with everything from logos and brand colors to perfecting your brand voice and even doing some research on your target audience, it doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed overnight success. Your lack of success may simply be because you have not formed a definite brand personality or message. Give time to your personal brand by working on your message and image to correctly target your audience.

You’re with the Wrong Brands

When you’re new in the business it’s tempting to partner with any brand that approaches you, willing to pay for sharing their sponsored content. You think that it could be a first step towards success. Unfortunately, associating yourself with the wrong theme, values or culture could hurt your brand image very quickly.

Also, if you commit to multiple brands and share their content because you’re getting paid, your audience may lose trust in you. They want you to share your personal insight and opinions and trust you to offer information that benefit them. Followers quickly recognize the difference between authentic brand promotions and posts motivated by money.

The winning formula is to partner with fewer brands and picking the ones you know will work for your image and your audience’s interests. In the long run your ROI will be greater. So, once again you can see the importance of being patient.

Hashtags and Content: Getting it All Wrong

Now, let’s discuss your content. You should be creative and make your posts and content your own but you can’t ignore basic guidelines that have proven to be helpful in this industry. Here are some common mistakes to avoid:

  • Your content is irrelevant to your audience, so they stop following you or checking in on your latest shares. This shows why it’s important to stick with marketing brands that your audience will find valuable, rather than partnering with anyone and everyone who approaches you for help with their advertising campaign.
  • You’re not being 100% honest with your audience, such as not saying which content you get paid for. If you’re found out, apart from penalties from the FTC you could also face criticism from your followers.
  • Your ratio of sponsored content compared to your own organic content isn’t balanced. Followers may get tired of looking at product promotions. Remember, originally most of them followed you because they liked you, not the products. Keep providing them with enough of the content they expect from you.
  • When using hashtags, you may be overdoing it or forgetting to include them. You do need a few so your content is easy to find but a post with too many hashtags can look like spam. Rather stick to a minimum of two and a maximum of five.
  • You need quality images to attract attention and have instant effect on a new visitor, because visual impulses register much better than the text that accompany it. If your visual content is of low quality, such as sharing a pixelated image, it can hinder your impact and followers may think you’re not as professional as other influencers.

You’re Not Using Tech to Your Advantage

You’re taking part in a very competitive market, so you need all the help you can get. If you’re not using the latest features of social media platforms, social media tools, such as marketing to a certain demographic, you’ll have less momentum than other influencers who are also marketing to your audience.

You should also invest in automation, such as planners and social media management software. This can help you organize your content and obtain analytics to make smarter content decisions for the future.

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Failure to Engage

Managing an influencer marketing brand is not a one-way conversation. Your audience will comment on your content and you need to be an active role player in that communication. If followers see you’re not interested in what they have to say, they will probably ‘unfollow’. They would much rather spend their time on influencers who make them feel part of something.

Making it in any business requires you to be somewhat critical of yourself, so you can admit your mistakes, improve and then succeed. This even applies to a fun job like managing an influencer marketing brand. Where will you start improving? Keep at it and you’ll see it’s worth it.

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