How To Find Readers For Your Travel Blog: Tips That Actually Work

By Jane Sandwood, Contributor

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So you’ve set up a gorgeous website, you’ve got some great content up, and your you think you’ve got some great content — why isn’t your traffic picking up? You’ll probably be thankful to hear that you’re not alone. In a recent survey, content creators revealed that when it comes to their blog, they worry about their lack of traffic/readers the most (69.4%). Travel blogging has become increasingly more competitive over the past few years, and getting organic traffic is no longer as simple as haphazardly crowding your content with keywords. Here’s what you can do to get those numbers up.

Build A Blogging Network

If you want to take your blog seriously, you’re going to have to start treating it like a business. And like with any job or business, you’ll need a solid network to stay successful. Use social media to connect to different kinds of bloggers, whether they’re veterans you want to learn from or fellow newbies you can easily collaborate with in the future.

Once you’ve started building relationships with other new bloggers, you can help each other expand your audience by mentioning each other’s blogs on your respective platforms. You can also reach out to websites that curate blog lists and ask them to check out your website. You could do this with a cold email (and a kickass spiel, of course), but connecting with the webmasters via social media first would probably increase your chances of success.

Answer The Internet’s Frequently Asked Questions

To create a successful travel blog, you can’t just write a diary-type entry and hope for the best. Sure, your friends and family might be interested in the board games you packed for your coast-to-coast road trip, but let’s be real, no one else will. To get visitors on your travel blog, you have to create content that’s actually useful.

This includes sample itineraries, photo inspiration, restaurant recommendations, and budget tips. Find out what people are asking on Reddit and Quora, and work from there. If you find that your followers keep asking the same questions, write a blog post about the topic instead of answering them one by one. Creating information-rich blog posts will take more work, but it should pay off in the long run.

Get Serious About Photos

Travel blogs are highly visual by nature, which is why your photos need to be on point. Though an expensive camera isn’t 100% necessary, investing in a portable professional-quality camera is well worth it. Snapping fantastic photos can do wonders not just for your blog content, but also for your social media — particularly Instagram — which is a great way for people to discover your blog.

Getting people’s attention on Instagram entails creating a feed that’s eye-catching and well thought out. Always edit your photos, and plan your feed on grids to establish your brand’s aesthetic. Make sure to post regularly, according to analytics’ recommendations. (You’ll need a business account on Instagram to get access to Instagram Analytics — thankfully, this tool is free.)

Finally, you should be patient. Travel blogging isn’t as glamorous as many people think it is. It’s not getting paid to take vacations, but actually entails a lot of hard work. If you want to take travel blogging seriously, be prepared to grind. In time, you’ll start to see the fruits of your labor.