How to Improve your Blog

What kind of topics does your reader want to consume? Once you have them, how do you maintain their interest and improve your blog?

Decide on your blogger persona

This has multiple components. Who is your market? You may be doing this for free, or using Native Advertising or Public Relations to earn money from your posts. Either way, you are selling a product: yourself! It’s all about the reader’s interests, and your writing means more when people are reading it. What kind of market do you cater to?

You’ve got them to your page! Now what?

You have to keep them engaged. Make sure the story you wrote from them is relevant to their interests. Study patterns in your posts. What kind of content was most popular in the past? Which content failed? If you can find content that really connects to your market’s interest, they’ll want to tell their friends about it. The goal is to have them read your whole post, and ultimately share it with their friends!

The best way to figure out what your readers want is to ask them yourself! You are a brand, and the best brands are constantly asking their customers opinions on the product. What do you like? Is there something we aren’t doing that you’d like us to do? What are we getting all wrong? The internet is filled with people who love to talk. Listen to what they are saying, and note if something is being mentioned consistently. Criticism from your readers will only improve your product, and your readers will respect you even more for taking the chance to talk to them.

Take time to investigate your top readers social media pages. What are they tweeting about? What kind of posts are they sharing? What do they “like” on Facebook? What pages are they following? Don’t be afraid to look into their conversations, either. It’s important to understand their point of view, and this information is free, so take advantage of it!

Work on your copy! Use headlines that are powerful and concise. Study the way your market communicates with each other, and use this to create copy that will entice them to stay on your page. This also applies to keywords. Figure out what keywords may boost your standing on Google Search, but make sure your main focus is grabbing your market’s attention.  

Once you find your topic, make sure you are thorough in research and in writing. Readers can tell the difference between laziness and someone who pours everything into their blog. Make sure to cover all your bases. These readers are coming to you for advice, so you should be an expert on whatever you choose to write for them. Think of questions readers may have, and try to give solutions before they even ask them. Your dedication will be noticed, and it’ll boost reader’s loyalty to your site.

PICTURES! Use imagery that is exciting and pulls the reader’s eyes down your page. This is the first thing they will see when they come to your site. Make sure photos are thoughtful and relevant. Choose only high quality images, they make your site look more professional.

There’s more you can do too! Share your posts on your own, through e-mail lists compiled through your site, and through all of your social media pages. This can only result in more readers.