Introducing Journeys for Travel Influencers

Calling all travel influencers out there! We know you are already going on various press trips, media trips, and FAM trips. In between them all, hopefully you are traveling for fun as well. We’ve had the privilege of sending influencers to all parts of the world such as Traverse City, Michigan and even Henan, China (check out The Savvy Millennial’s writeup from her trip!). We are also continually amazed by the itineraries influencers organize for themselves 6 to 12 months in advance. We have even received quite a few of these itineraries from you guys and gals asking us if there are any destinations who may want to collaborate with you.


Since we have been getting more and more of these itineraries, we figured why not build a tool that helps you do just that:


  1. Create your travel itinerary of places you’ve visited or will visit
  2. Work with destinations, hotels, and other travel companies who may be interested in supporting you during your trip!

From the destination’s perspective, the biggest cost for them is covering your flight ticket to their destination. If you will already be in the destination, the tourism office or hotel is more likely to work with you since you’re already in their city! It’s a win-win for both sides.


To try out Journeys, go here ==>

Introducing Journeys

Once you navigate to Journeys, the main action you can take is entering in the city and dates you will be traveling:


Once you start entering in your cities, they will show up in “Your Travel Itinerary” at the bottom of the page. You’ll also be able to see other influencers who will be in that city around the same dates you’ll be there:



If you need to delete or edit a travel plan, just click red X or the green edit button:




When you edit the city, make sure you select a city from the dropdown menu. When editing the travel dates, make sure they are in the format “mm/dd/yyyy – mm/dd/yyyy”. Then hit “Save” when you are done!


Our System Tried Generating Travel Plans For You

If you frequently write about different destinations, our system tried to scan your blog and entered in a few travel plans based on cities you have visited in the past and the dates our system thinks you visited that city. These itineraries may not be entirely correct, but we just wanted to give you a head start with filling out your travel itineraries!


We gave you a head start by entering a few journeys for you based on places you’ve mentioned in your recent blog posts 🙂

Collaborating With Travel Brands

Our end goal is to help you work with more destinations and travel brands you are already traveling to or want to work with. This feature is still in beta so there may be a few bugs along the way. Feel free to reach out to us at if you come across any issues! Happy Journey-ing!