Launching Crossroads Platform For Bloggers And Influencers 9/26

During the summer, we experimented with a new platform for bloggers and influencers in our community that allows you to work with destinations and travel brands in a new and unique way. We found that many of our clients are still actively recruiting influencers for media trips, press events, and product launches that requires you to be in a physical location live-posting your experience.


What started out as an experiment quickly turned into a platform and we are launching the beta next week for the rest of our community. The name of this new platform is called Crossroads launching next Monday, September 26th. If you’ve ever been on a media trip or FAM trip, or would like to go on one, we want to make that process easier! This post by Julie Smith on Travel Blog Success shows the ins and outs of showcasing your skills and talents as a content creator and influencer to destinations who are open to working with bloggers and influencers. We hope to make this dream a reality for more and more bloggers who can tell amazing stories about the places they travel to!



What is Crossroads You Ask?


What you’ll see when you log into Crossroads every weekday



A new way for bloggers and influencers to work with the destinations you love and are already traveling to. Every weekday for the next few weeks, you’ll get a new destination when you log into your Publisher Dashboard and click “Crossroads” in the upper right-hand corner of the toolbar. You’ll see details about the destination, new events and promotions the tourism board is planning, and also what they are looking for from influencers. From here, you can “pitch” the destination by writing a quick few sentences about how you would collaborate with the destination; whether it’s a series of Instagram posts or blog content. How we think this will help you:


  • If you’re already traveling to the destination, great! Tell us your travel dates and we’ll help you get on the next media or press trip
  • Your pitch gets sent straight to the PR and marketing teams for that destination
  • Your stats, profile, travel plans, and pitch will all be included so your brand will be front and center
  • We showcase you in the best light possible so that you get to work with destinations and tourism boards that actively support bloggers and influencers.


IMPORTANT: Log into Crossroads at every weekday starting on September 26th to see what new destination will be featured for that day and apply if you are interested!


We’re Still In Beta Baby



We’re a startup, and Crossroads is an experiment! Thus, there may be some bugs and glitches here and there, but our team is dedicated to making this platform work for you and your skills as a content creator. Since this platform is still in beta, Crossroads will only be available to bloggers and influencers who meet a few criteria:


  • Integrated your blog’s Google Analytics with your profile and have at least 5,000 monthly unique visitors
  • Integrated your blog’s Twitter account with your profile and have at least 1,000 followers


We know not all of you may fit this profile, but we hope as this platform gets out of beta we’ll launch it to the broader community. If you have any questions, feel free to message us at!