Laura Gontchar of Celebrate Woman Today


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Laura Gontchar of Celebrate Woman Today

Our Blogger’s Corner has, for the most part, focused on travel bloggers. But the truth is our network of influencers is pretty diverse. Which is why this week, we’re featuring Laura of Celebrate Woman Today- a platform dedicated to informing, empowering, and celebrating women on topics of health, wellness, lifestyle, leisure and (of course) travel.

Here we catch up with Laura on staying true to what your passionate about, listening to your audience, and on sometimes how stepping back from blogging when the going gets tough can actually keep your blogging enthusiasm alive.





Meet Laura

Hello, my name is Laura and I blog at Celebrate Woman Today. My blog initially started as a way to help my overweight neighbors to lose weight and gather them together as a powerful support for each other. The community support concept worked so well that the blog platform just took off and has been transforming itself under the loving and caring influence from my fans and followers.
Today, Celebrate Woman Today has a very active following and influence on the direction content is flowing. We focus on women’s issues, health and well-being, food, and recipes, and those issues that are current in our women-driven online community.


Working with and collaborating with small and big brands, we strive to support, educate and inspire our women who choose to read our daily blogs and participate in discussions. Here’s a sampling of brands who are our current clients and partners on different projects: Disney, Pixar, Best Buy, Mary Jurek Design, Lexi Butler Designs, Experts and Professionals in the Areas of Women’s Physical and Mental Health, BRIO Toys, and many other awesome brands.


Q: What made you decide to create a blog? And was there a moment when you thought, “I could do this professionally”? If so, what triggered that desire/realization?


Laura: As my blog was growing, it started to attract brands and companies. The volume of requests I was receiving every day was so overwhelming that I decided to develop a structure of responding and working with the companies. That was a turning point for me becoming a professional blogger.


Q: What fuels your passion for creating content?


Laura: I love what I do. From content to image creation, to formatting each blog post and, of course, creating my marketing strategies. Working with people and communicating with them via written format most of the time has fueled even a bigger passion for simplifying a structure, yet maximizing the effect from each communication piece. I totally love doing what I do! My relationships with brands and companies has allowed me to reach out to those who needed support and help. My local women’s shelters and Ronald McDonald House of South Florida are my favorites to donate to and support.


Q: Are there any blogs or publications that  you follow closely? What makes them successful in your opinion?


Laura: I love following my fellow-bloggers who are in different niches than I am. Having a different perspective on life on each of their blogging platforms helps me to revive different sides of myself and inspires me to be a better person. I am always amazed what bloggers are capable of! They are a powerful wave that can carry those willing to take a ride.


Q: What has been the biggest challenge in maintaining a successful blog?


Laura: Every now and then when the going is tough, I have to “walk away” from blogging and figure it out again. Taking a risk has been my forte in many ways. Changes are always a risk when they entail the unfamiliar and very untested practices. However, sticking with the plan and visualizing the final result helped me throughout my blogging career.



Q: What is your favorite post that you created? Why?


Laura: Frankly, not a single one is my favorite. They are all done in a loving and driven way to cater to my fans and audiences at large.


Q: How much does social media influence your writing?


Laura: Social media does not drive my content, my audience does. Being in tune and aware of what’s going on in each social media channel is a must though.


Q: What is your favorite social media channel and why?


Laura: I love them all. I am very much driven by difficulties and figuring out how to overcome them. For example, now I am “cracking up” the LinkedIn model and making it work for my client. The opportunities there are endless! And I am just in the beginning of it, and already am making notes for the future ecourse on the subject of making LinkedIn work for you.


Every social media channel has been created to satisfy a need, a demand, a niche. I love the versatility and unique features of each one of them.


Q: Do you have any last piece of advice for aspiring bloggers?


Laura: Start your blog based not on what you see others do, rather follow your passion. What is it that makes your soul illuminate from within and put a smile on your face every time you do something? What is it that feels so natural to you when you do it? It can be cooking, creating poems, writing short stories, knitting whimsical animals, or rock painting. Whatever it is, you can make it ring and sing and inspire others to follow in your steps. Because when you do so, it will be the answer to the biggest WHY you do it.


Q: Lastly, what is something that you could share with us that we wouldn’t learn from reading your blog?


Laura: I know 5 languages and I was considered dyslexic. I was able to overcome huge circumstances to be where I am in my life. It makes me tear up and become emotional. But when I look back and reflect on my path – I am overfilled with thankfulness and gratitude.



Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for next week’s Blogger’s Corner feature !


-Blaire Massaroni, for Cooperatize Journal