Mobile Tech & Communications April 2015 Happy Hour


Mobile is hot, we all know that.

In conjunction with Mobile Week, PRSA Tri-State District, and WeWork, we discussed the future of mobile technology, trends, and innovation in the Internet of Things. The event was aptly named The Future of Mobile Tech and Communications and we did a live polling of the audience similar to previous events. For a full audio recap of the event, check out Harry Hawk’s (@hhawk) audio recording: full audio recording.

The Speakers and Audience

Unlike most panels, this happy hour had a very specific mobile theme. The audience was asked multiple-choice questions about mobile technology and trends. You then had to vote in your favorite answer by texting in your answer to our polling app. We then compared the audience’s favorite answer to the speakers’ answers (which we had in our notes beforehand). This resulted in a spirited conversation between the speakers and the audience because there were always differences between what the answer picked by the panelist versus the audience. Here are the results from the polls:

The speakers included Aaron Saunders (@aaronksaunders) from Clearly Innovative, Bianca Posterli (@bincerli) from Mode Media, Kimberly Glaser (@kimberlyfanya) from RUN, and Sandy Hussain (@sandyhussain) from FD Mobile. Awesome cookies and cupcakes were provided from Leske’s Bakery.

Social Media For The Happy Hour

Thanks to Sofia Zafeiri (@SophieZK) and Linda Mayer (@lindamayer) from the PRSA Tri-State Social Media team for capturing the entire event through Tweets, videos, and even Periscope! Through Periscope, people could actually watch a live broadcast of the happy hour through their phones or desktop. Many attendees also stayed active on social media through the #futureofmobile hashtag, check out that feed for some of the conversations taking place Wednesday night. More pictures and videos from the events can be seen on the Cooperatize Facebook page. Finally, check out this quick Storify story of all the images and Tweets from the night!