Next Steps, finally! :)

With this week’s Pfizer vaccine news, we are a step closer to putting this pandemic behind us. However, It is not over yet, as experts are predicting a second deadlier wave that could permanently affect younger targets. That being said, we’ve put together our top 10 list for Single’s Day (in China) and Black Friday so that you could take advantage of all of the sales and gear up for when travel comes back.

  1. Masks – Of course you’ll need more masks as winter sneaks up on us. While we might end up with a basic cold, keep in mind that these symptoms are very similar to those of COVID. Wear a mask, protect yourself, protect your friends, protect everyone else.
  2. Microfiber Towel, Wipes – Whether you want to use wipes or a towel, hopefully we’ve all created a habit to keep our areas clean to prevent other areas of contamination whether that be COVID or other viruses or bacteria.
  3. Hand Sanitizer / Hand Lotion – Sanitizing your hands is also a great habit many of us have picked up during this pandemic. At the same time, your hands may have gotten dry so make sure you have a bottle of lotion available to keep your clean hands hydrated. 
  4. Booties – While there is evidence that COVID cannot be transmitted through what you’ve stepped in, another habit that you may have picked up is to sterilize your shoes prior to coming inside. However, before your next post vaccination party, maybe you want to pick up a package of booties to keep your inside clean from the outside of your guests’ shoes.
  5. Packing Cubes – When we finally do get to travel, you might want to pick up a set of packing cubes. This will keep everything organized in your bag as you may want to separate out your clothes before you get a chance to wash them from things that might be contaminated to those that are clean.
  6. Gloves that work with your phone – It’s known that your phone is the home of many germs. As winter comes and hands get cold, it could be a worthwhile investment to grab a pair of gloves that are touch sensitive so you can keep your hands warm and clean while still being able to get that essential ‘gram.
  7. Your own utensils – As you gear up for travel, another place where germs can be transmitted in at the utensil rack. Why not bring your own spoon, fork, or knife? Not only will you be avoiding a rack where everyone touches (and then puts these things in your mouth) you’ll also be greener and more environmentally friendly.
  8. Solar charger – As work from home continues to grow, you might want to take your office with you on the road. Literally. On a hike? Grab some juice from the power of the sun to charge any of your devices that work with USB. 
  9. MacBook Air – Apple announced their latest and greatest innovation with their new M1 chip. According to their newest tests, this is the fastest laptop ever produced with the best longest lasting battery. So while you might have your emergency charger (see above), hopefully you won’t need it.
  10. Keychain Tool – There are a lot of buttons that you press everyday that a lot of others touch and press too. Grab one of these keychain tools to act as your finger so you don’t have to touch where everyone else has touched!

Do you have any other suggestions for travel gear that you will need in the new world? Drop us a comment below!

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