Why Non-Celebrity Influencers Are Winning Influencer Marketing

It’s no surprise social media has taken over our time. On average, Americans check their social accounts 17 times a day, and more teens literally can’t even function without checking social media a 100 times in a single day. What’s crazy about these statistics, is that they aren’t that surprising. These numbers are only going to get higher as new social platforms arise, and social media standards continue to adapt to consumer behavior. With such rapid growth in the social-sphere came the inception of influencer marketing, most notably with celebrities. However, as marketers learn more about consumer buying habits, especially those of millennials, there has been an increase in non-celebrity influencers promoting brands. You’d think celebrities would have more purchase influence, but we’ve found some data that proves otherwise.According to Retail Dive, nearly 30% of consumers are more likely to buy something endorsed by a non-celebrity influencer. Out of this percentage, 70% of the millennials said they preferred products endorsed by people they considered “peers” over celebrities.Blogs are becoming a more important part of the purchasing process. 60% of the people surveyed by Retail Dive said they researched a product through blogs or social media reviews before making the purchase. There are less risks involved when working with non-celebrity influencers. For one, you’re not likely to hear about any scandals occurring with non-celebrities, but if you’re working with Tiger Woods and he becomes involved in an elaborate cheating scandal, you’re going to have to pull your brand out, and lose a lot of your initial investment. Working with non-celebrity influencers usually means their audience is more targeted. They are likely occupying space in a niche industry, which means the influencer and audience are highly knowledgeable and passionate about the topic. When you decide to work with Kim Kardashian, you are signing up for huge exposure and there are undeniable benefits. However, the audience is diluted with all different kinds of consumers, limiting your return on investment. So, if you’re thinking of working with influencers, consider using non-celebrities. Marketing efforts are more powerful when you have a highly targeted audience that identifies with the influencer!