Off to a New Expedition? You Need to Know 6 Packing Tips Before That

by Justin Cody

Planning to embark on a new adventure trip can be promising and exciting. You dream about the new destination, the thrilling locations it has to offer, and the natural beauty you will witness throughout your voyage and not to forget, lifetime memories.

Whether it is kayaking, hiking, or simply a long biking journey around the city, adventurous getaways require the right planning and packing. If you have not planned and made necessary arrangements prior to your trip, your dream trip might turn into a nightmare.

In order to make the most of your expedition, you must organize and plan your travel in a way that will keep you hassle-free and prepared for any unforeseen situation. Be it a weather condition, an unexpected turn of events, or just a detour during the journey; you must be prepared for all.

You can either make a detailed checklist to simplify your packing routine or just follow these tips to stay prepared for almost any type of adventure trip.

  1. Check you travel documents

The most important thing to pack for your travel is your passport and other important identity documents. These may include the driver’s license, identity cards, travel itinerary, and your hotel address and contact number.

You must check the validity of all your travel documents and keep them handy where you can reach them instantly. An important tip would be to keep a copy of each document in your luggage in case they go missing.

Keep your money safe and together by using a smart money clip. Also, ensure all your cards and wallet are intact and in one place before you leave to board the plane.

  • Don’t forget your adventure apparel

When packing for an expedition, there are a few things that you must remember always. Try to carry as less clothing items as possible. Choose garments that are not heavy weight and can fit in your luggage or backpack.

Keep in mind what clothes you will need at different locations. Pack in your luggage a compression jacket, sun-shielding cap or hat, travel shorts, moisture-wicking underwear, swimsuit, rainwear jacket, swimwear, and some extra socks along with other essentials must-haves. You must also keep a spare pair of casual sneakers for a comfortable trip.

Use synthetic clothing that is sweat-wicking, dries fast, and can fit easily into your luggage. Opt for clothes that serve all-purpose and weather conditions that you are likely to experience throughout your journey. For severe cold weather, add an insulated jacket, gloves or mittens, and a warm hat.

  • Travel gear is a must

Whether you are going on a trip to the Bahamas or the Sahara desert, you must carry appropriate travel gear to keep your trip comfortable and enjoyable.

You must plan and pack the most essential travel gear required on your trip. Don’t over-burden yourself with large and heavy equipment and supplies. Just carry the bare essentials so you don’t have to indulge in buying expensive items.

You must have water bottles and disinfectant tablets for your trip, headlamp and binoculars for any night time explorations, and a multi-tool kit that will be of great value to you at various instances. Also do not forget to carry a sleeping bag for night-time camping, a travel pillow for your comfort, field guides, and a GPS tracker in case you wander too far away into the woods or forests.

  • Gadgets on-the-go

How can packing for any trip be ever complete without everyday use gadgets?

You must shortlist the essential gadgets that you want to take along on your expedition. When taking your phone, also carry a water-resistant phone cover to protect it from any damage during your adventure plans.

Your camera will be an essential gadget. Wherever you go, you may want to capture pictures and make the memories last forever. Make sure your camera is water-proof, heat resistant, and carry extra batteries with you during your travel.

Most active adventure trip planners do not leave without a reliable watch that not only helps them on their expedition but also shows them their performance during running, hiking, or swimming. You must also carry water-resistant earphones for the times you want to enjoy some music on-the-go. If you are someone who enjoys reading, then you can even carry your kindle on your trip to make the most of it.

If you are a digital nomad then you must also carry your laptop with you. Make sure you have the charger and a laptop bag to keep it safe.

Carry extras! Chargers, phone cables, battery packs, adapters and converters, camera bags, and of course a portable power bank in case you run out of battery in the middle of nowhere.

  • Be watchful about your health and hygiene

It is important to stay clean and healthy during your vacation to enjoy it to the fullest. Depending on the climate of your destination and your skin type, you must choose the most appropriate sunblock, lip balms, and moisturizers.

Make personal hygiene an important part of your routine when you travel. Carry hand sanitizers, antibacterial wipes, prescribed medicines, first-aid kit, and a travel toiletry kit along with a toothbrush.

Avoid carrying heavy makeup on your trip. You must, however, carry, minimal cosmetics, a sunscreen to protect your skin, brush or comb, spare eye-glasses, earplugs, and detergent to wash your clothes.

A pro-tip would be to carry an insect repellant with you to places where you may encounter bugs. Also, invest in a good pair of sunglasses to keep your eyes protected from the sun.

  • Go for a suitable luggage

To keep your luggage light-weight you must not only carry fewer items but also keep suitcases and bag packs minimal. Carry good quality and sturdy pieces of luggage that has pockets and designated space for everything.

This way, you will be encouraged to pack smart. Don’t forget to check your airline and destination’s custom requirements before you buy a new suitcase.

Parting Thoughts

The items and tips mentioned are merely some suggestions. You may choose the one that works well for you while leaving out anything that does not fit your need.

However, to enjoy a luxurious and well-planned trip you can adapt these tips to your own personal needs and add more to it in order to customize it.

Bon Voyage!