Optimizing Your Brand’s Appeal to Attract Top Travel Influencers

The founder of one of the largest online digital nomad communities in the world predicts that there will be 1 billion digital nomads by 2035, and most of those are turning towards freelance jobs like SEO and online marketing or working as influencers to earn their income. In order to attract this top travel talent to work with your brand and increase your audience reach, you’ll need to first understand how they live and generate income and then make it work to your advantage. With varying needs, interests and media consumption, your brand will need to cater to these digital nomads in order to capture the wanderlust-driven attention of a huge portion of the population and use them to attract other consumers.

Understanding Digital Nomads and Influencers

By analyzing top trends, it’s a little easier to make sense of the top spots where digital nomads choose to work and play. If you can understand their behavior as consumers, it will be easier to tap into the type of marketing they like to interact with. Not only will this optimize your marketing strategy or even help you develop a product or service suited to their needs, but it can also help you attract top talent and influencers to work with to further promote your brand. After examining the types of places where wanderlust-driven consumers live and play, you’ll be able to better understand how to localize your content and cater to the lifestyles, habits and even local hotspots of your target audience. Focus your efforts in this area on social media, as it pays off the most when dealing with the generation and their consumption habits.

Develop Digitally-Based Products

There’s no doubt that millennials love their technology and know how to use it. As more of the population turns their career into a totally digital endeavor, brands who want to attract their attention and use them to promote their product or service will need to come up with ideas that are digitally-based, as well. If you’re really looking to get in on the digital nomad trend, it’s a good idea to begin assessing what these remote workers need, both in terms of online-based services and physical products. Catering to their needs will help you get in with a niche audience, which will increase your chances of working with a top influencer who can really propel you to success.

Embrace the Digital Revolution

Digital nomads truly are changing the way people live, work and engage with brands. As their changing lifestyles and habits continue to change the types of products and services that companies around the world offer, you’ll want to continue to analyze these changes. The key in attracting them to engage with you as a brand lies in catering to those needs and desires while also using the very fabric of their community, the influencers, to show them that you’re a brand who is to be trusted and a brand that cares about their specific lifestyle.