Photos From the Road: Travel Instagram 101

Guest Post by Jane Sandwood

It’s not easy to make it on Instagram. If you’re looking to make a living out of traveling the world, though, you’ll need to take advantage of the platform in order to grow your audience. Life as an Instagram influencer, after all, has its perks. Because of the 14% increase in tourism to spots where influencers visit, some countries have been inviting the Instagram famous to visit, with the cost of the stay covered entirely.

Does that sound like the life you want to be living? Then you need to get your posts circulating. While you may not have access to the same kind of social media teams that CNN’s professional travelers do, you still need to get the eyes of Instagram on you in order to make your adventerous dreams come true.

Learning the Basics

Instagram’s international audience has made it a powerful marketing tool for traveling professionals. As such, there are a number of guides out there that teach people how to use the site to their advantage. The advice shared may sound familiar: post consistently, collaborate, and create a brand. Most importantly, though, a traveler looking to make waves on Instagram needs confidence. Presence and composure are just as essential to wooing an audience as determining the best times to post. So hold your head high and smile for the camera! Make sure that your audience is just as engaged with you as they are with your adventures.

Creating Your Trademark

Along with confidence comes the need for a recognizable posting style. Think about the kind of enthusiasm, attitude, or priorities you want to express with your captions and pictures. Originality, after all, is everything. Use Instagram’s story to share the details of your first night in a new city. Save your photos and use hashtags to your advantage in order to get the attention of your niche audience. Once you start circulating, you’ll be more likely to show up in individualized searches and less likely to get lost in the crowd tagging their work with “London” or “Rome.” Geo-tagging, too, will ensure that you attract fans in every city you visit by appealing to the specificity of the area.

Interacting With Your Audience

Once your posts have built up your following, it’s important to remind your audience that you’re human. Interacting with Instagram followers is essential. This doesn’t just mean responding to comments left behind on your posts. Instagram Live allows your audience to feel like they’re on the road with you, and sharing fan-generated content makes your audience feel seen and appreciated. That audience, after all, provides the wave for your career as an travel-grammer to ride on, and you’ll want to make them feel as much as part of your adventures as the camera you bring along with you.

Your Instagram audience is a powerful force. Even so, learning to get your posts into the feeds of millions of viewers can be tricky. By taking advantage of the medium’s different tools, however, you can learn to use your traveling photos to your advantage and make a name for yourself among this burgeoning hub of influencers.