SNL to Decrease Commercial Time in Favor of Sponsored Content

In the past decade, there’s been a huge shift in the way that people consume media. Budgets allocated to traditional media outlets are quickly moving towards digital, where people are able to watch whatever they want, when it’s convenient for them. It’s past time to admit that the way advertisers use TV needs to be flipped on it’s head.


How do you go about changing an advertising format that has existed since the 1950’s? Especially one that once dominated advertising budgets?


How do you keep viewers from changing the channel? How do you get them to watch your program in real-time on TV, as opposed to streaming it (or a completely different program) online?


One of TV’s longest-running live programs, “Saturday Night Live” will attempt to integrate sponsored content into their show next Fall. The program will cut down on commercial time by 30%, which will allow time for branded skits performed by the SNL cast. It will be interesting to see how television audiences respond to branded content, but if we’re lucky, it’ll be along the lines of this:


This approach to is one of the first attempts to integrate sponsored content into traditional advertising. If it’s successful in helping maintain live viewers, other major programs will likely follow SNL’s lead.