Cooperatize Interview: Ramon Ray of Small Biz Technology on Sponsored Content

This week, we spoke with the editor of SmallBizTechnology, Ramon Ray. Ramon’s been a staple of New York’s growing tech community since 1999 when he started SmallBizTechnology. His email to us about SmallBizTechnology’s new sponsored content product prompted us to ask him a few questions to help us figure out where this seemingly new product type is headed…

Ramon Ray

C: What’s your policy on sponsored content?
RR: Disclosure is very important; we want to make sure that our readers are not deceived.

C: Positives on sponsored content?
RR: Brands, publishers, and readers all win here. Brands or sponsors can reach the audience they need to get to, publishers can monetize in a new way, and readers have an informative story that they might be interested in.

C: As you know, sponsored content is not new; advertorials and infomercials have been around for years, but why is it now coming to light?
RR: Yes, it’s been around for years, but perhaps it’s the amount of content that is being created and that the Internet is enabling new more interesting forms of advertising that has driven its adoption.

C: If a brand wants to purchase sponsored content from you, what do they do?
RR: We are just dipping our toe in the water, it is not yet 100% defined.

C: Does purchasing sponsored content from you hurt a brand’s chance of being picked up organically from you (i.e. earned media)?
RR: Absolutely not.

C: Why should brands purchase sponsored content?
RR: Brands will receive guaranteed increased visibility to our audience.

That’s Ramon Ray from SmallBizTechnology and his viewpoint on sponsored content and where it is today. Check out Ramon’s site to get the latest and greatest for entrepreneurs, technologists, and business owners and follow us on Twitter to hear the latest news on the sponsored content front….