The Travel Insider Episode 11: How Travel Brands Work With Travel Influencers (Event)


Travel influencers have the unique ability to post engaging content on their blogs and social media channels that don’t just promote a product. Travel influencers are able to convey an experience to their audience, which is why so many travel brands–from destinations to hotels–want to work with them to promote their brands. How do brands work with travel influencers? What are the best strategies to engage these popular influencers to help your brand get some amazing content published about your brand? In this episode, we discuss:


  • How brands can measure ROI from travel influencers (hint: there’s no right way!)
  • What type of content did your influencers create for your brand?
  • What new platforms are travel influencers using that brands should know about?
  • Campaigns where it makes sense to utilize influencers
  • How do you figure out how much to pay an influencer? When do you do a barter with an influencer?



From Left to Right: Paolo Lunardi – Switzerland Tourism, Justin Vallejo – Finn Partners, Sasha Chou – UAP Media, Al Chen – Cooperatize

The Brands & Agencies Who Work With Travel Influencers

Our panel consisted of two international destinations and one person from an agency who works with destinations both domestic and international.


Sasha Chou is the Director of Marketing and Sales at UAP Media, a digital/PR agency focused on outbound Chinese tourism. Sasha was the former Marketing Manager at the Taiwan Tourism Bureau and also the founder PicVoyage, a premier vacation photography service for travelers around the world.


Justin Vallejo is a Vice President at Finn Partners, a public relations focusing on the travel industry. Justin has worked with destinations including Australia, Turkey, Fort Lauderdale, Hilton Worldwide, and Allianz Travel Insurance. We’ve had the pleasure of partnering with Justin and his team on a few projects.


Paolo Lunardi is the social media coordinator at Switzlerland Tourism. Paolo used to live in Switzerland and was an area manager at Zurich Tourism.


Here are all the slides our panelists presented from the event: