The Travel Insider Episode 13: Stretching Your Destination Marketing Dollars With Influencers


The Travel Insider Episode 13 is the full audio of “Stretching Your Destination Marketing Dollars” where a few destination marketing experts explained to us case studies on using digital influencers. We posted the highlights from the event on this blog post. Listen to the full event audio on this episode of The Travel Insider as our panelists from Visit Czech RepublicExplore CanadaNew York Wheel, and Destination Sud de France answer questions regarding digitlal influencers, positive (and negative) outcomes from working with influencers, and how influencer marketing fits into your broader marketing strategy!


Our panel of experts: Jiří Dužár, Siobhan Chretien, Tiffany Townsend, Tamara Don


Amazing wine courtesy of Sud de France!

Developing Relationships With Digital Influencers


A common theme that came up during the event is this:


Developing a relationship with influencers is important so that both sides feel like they are benefitting from the partnership.


Panelists said the worst type of way to work with influencers is assume they are all the same and you send them a blanket pitch (think back to traditional PR press release days) and expect influencers to post about you. Even if you have invited the perfect influencer on a media trip, things can always go wrong during the trip and this is where the negative experience can lead to negative PR, but at least it’s the “real” experience!


Another important topic that got discussed was measuring the impact of influencer marketing. Halfway through the podcast, Jiří Dužár proposed a formula he heard from Destination Think that ties the engagement an influencer’s post gets with the number of travelers that go to your destination. Take a listen to learn more about the formula.


Here are the slides from the event if you want to follow along with the questions we asked the panel of experts:


[slideshare id=77967058&doc=decks-170717182725]