7 Tips for Generating Blog Traffic

The Internet is already flush with content; yet more and more is being created daily.  With most content being consumed by less than 3 people on average, your challenge is to find an audience and to drive that audience to your content. For writers creating sponsored content, the ability to drive traffic means an increase in pay as well as an increase in the number of  brands that want to collaborate with you. We’ve come up with a few tricks to help you boost traffic to your page, check it out!

Position your content to attract those most likely to share it.

You should know exactly who the content will appeal to. Programs like Google Analytics will help you discover the demographics of your readers and what social networks that audience uses most. Millennials may be into Snapchat, but you probably won’t see too many Boomers on there.

Follow your competition’s behavior and social media presence, since there likely to show interest in your content, too!

Make sure your Web Design is up-to-date, easy to operate, and aesthetically pleasing.

User Experience has a lot to do with the time visitors will spend on your site if they choose to at all. No one will trust or even read the information on a site that looks like it hasn’t been updated since the 20th Century (except for Space Jam). With seconds to capture a reader’s interest, it may be worth investing to hire a designer. A blog that looks professional is more likely to get new visitors, and more shares!


Position yourself as a Thought Leader within your niche.

If you’re blogging, it’s your business to be an expert and a trusted source of information for your readers. Being a Thought Leader means writing authentic, factual content (while still being entertaining), and allowing your voice to be heard through other mediums. By participating in and hosting industry events, .you’ll be  in front of other bloggers who share your content, and other talented industry professionals.


Hashtagging your posts drives different audiences searching for these tags to your story. Be thoughtful about how you use your hashtags since a big mistake is hashtagging too many words, which can clutter your post and dilute the importance of your topic.

Basically, don’t be these guys #SexyGhost? :

Don’t neglect dark social.

We tend to think of social media as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, perhaps even LinkedIn.  However, another element of social media which is not public and not online include  Email lists, WhatsApp groups, group texts,and  group chats or what is known as dark social.  Not-so-dark social but sometimes forgotten places are forums, email signatures, updates pinned to social timeline or to your blog, carousels, etc.


Getting someone to mention you or share your content can be as easy as just giving them a shoutout on your social media accounts. Engaging with your market is important because it makes all the content you write more authentic. After all, you are writing for them!

Wait. You’re suggesting that I buy traffic?

Yes, we are. Sometimes it makes sense to buy traffic to your story.  We have a pretty generous payment rate and if you need to get a small boost, why not arbitrage the difference?  There are many sites out there that if you know how to use them correctly, you can buy high quality US traffic for nickels.  Keep in mind that some sites have different criteria for what constitutes a click.  Our pixel is third party verified and accepted by most of the ad agencies and brands, while some sites charge you for simply sending a visitor over, robot or not.

Happy Blogging! 🙂