The Travel Insider Episode 6: Conversation With Manuel Heredia, Minister of Tourism for Belize


Mr. Manuel Heredia is the Minister of Tourism of Belize, and we had the pleasure of speaking with him a few months ago at a conference. Tourism is 25% of Belize’s GDP and generates $500M for the country. We learn about Mr. Heredia’s background, his thoughts about climate change, and what’s next for tourism in Belize.


Manuel Heredia  Travel Belize


The Fisherman Speaks

Long before Mr. Heredia became a politician, he was a commercial fisherman. He discusses his life long passion of fishing and how is work with a fishing co-op led to a successful career in politics. Mr. Heredia was on the board of this co-op for 30 years and was the president for 12 years. Sustainability was a key issue for the fishing industry and why that industry has gone down over the years. Fast forward to today, sustainability continues to be a focus for Mr. Heredia and his tourism initiatives.


Following politics around the world is also important for Mr. Heredia in order to observe the strategies other politicians use to push forward their agendas for tourism. In Belize, Mr. Heredia is able to dress down and walks freely without bodyguards making Belize unlike any other destination.


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