The Travel Insider Episode 10: Conversation With Sasha Chou Director of Marketing at UAP Media


Sasha Chou is the Director of Marketing and Sales at UAP Media, a digital/PR agency focused on outbound Chinese tourism. Sasha was the former Marketing Manager at the Taiwan Tourism Bureau where she managed the Bureau’s presence in the media and elsewhere. In her spare time, Sasha loves photography so she founded PicVoyage, a premier vacation photography service for travelers around the world.





Promoting Taiwan Through Hospitality and Food

At the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, Sasha mentioned during the podcast that two main factors draw visitors to Taiwan and were the focus of her campaigns during her time at the Bureau: hospitality and food. From hosting events at Grand Central Station to Smithsonian’s Museum Day, Sasha was able to build Taiwan’s brand into the consciousness of American travelers.


We learned a few new things we didn’t already know given our work with the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, such as Sasha’s favorite place in Taiwan (Orchid Island) and a delectable dish called 火雞肉飯 (huo ji rou fan) roughly translated to Turkey Rice from Sasha’s hometown in Chiayi. This dish is essentially the Taiwanese version of the NYC favorite chicken over rice, minus the drunk people in line. We dug into Sasha’s career as a reporter, favorite documentaries, and her side company called PicVoyage.



Orchid Island in Taiwan

Orchid Island in Taiwan


Turkey Rice from Chiayi, Taiwan


Books, Movies, and Tools Mentioned In This Episode

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