The Travel Insider Episode 14: Conversation With Justin Vallejo of Finn Partners

Justin Vallejo was raised in the suburbs in Australia. He remembers having a great childhood and being fairly immune to the idea that, being a child of immigrants, he was a bit of an anomaly in what he calls “White Australia”. He began a career in journalism in 2000 and covered areas of conflict and crisis. After 9 years, he decided to tell different types of stories and found his way into media. Currently, he is the Vice President of Finn Partners, a global marketing communications firm, and represents various clients in the travel sector.

Journalist, Media Guru…. and Coffee Extraordinaire!


Little do people know, Justin is quite the coffee aficionado and says that the thing that makes him happiest is finding a great new bag of quality coffee beans to use for his (essential) morning ritual. A few of the brands he mentions include La Colombe and Counter Culture (as well as Little Collins and Two Hands for the best places to get a cup of top notch joe to go right here in NYC- (It wasn’t lost on us that these are both Australian 😉 )).


Some of the other stuff mentioned in the episode:

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