The Travel Insider Episode 8: Conversation With Tai Klan from VisitDenmark


Our travel podcast The Travel Insider is all about exploring the ways successful professionals have succeeded in the travel and tourism industry. In this episode, we interview Tai Klan, head of Digital Marketing for VisitDenmark in the United States. Tai is tasked with educating, inspiring, and driving awareness about Denmark’s tourism opportunities to U.S. travelers and beyond. With a background in video production, Tai brings a creative eye to digital marketing we haven’t seen from other travel and tourism marketing organizations.


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Exploring Denmark Through Comics

Beyond the regular forms of digital media, one thing that stood out for us was Tai’s use of comics and cartoons to convey the daily life and mentality of citizens in Denmark. For example, here’s a cartoon depicting the prevalent biking culture in Copenhagen (60% of citizens in Copenhagen commute to work via bike):



Source: Facebook

In this episode, we discuss all things Nordic including cuisine, architecture, and Tai’s definition of the infamous hygge. We also dig into Tai’s background as a film producer back when he was still living in Denmark. Finally, we ask Tai some of our favorite rapid-fire questions and Tai’s answers definitely do not disappoint! From his life-changing Sennheiser headphones purchase to his prediction from 10 years ago that TV would die, we uncovered a lot of territory during this episode. Hope you enjoy it!


Some of the books, movies, and tools mentioned in this episode:


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