Twitter Promotes Google+ Over It’s Own Platform

If you’re using Twitter you probably get weekly “what’s trending” e-mails on Twitter. These e-mails basically show you content that’s been shared over Twitter that is viral or actively being shared by your followers. We received an interesting piece of news today in this What’s Trending on Twitter e-mail:

Twitter promotes Google+


The article seems interesting enough, apparently Google+ posts generate 2X engagement compared to Twitter. What’s interesting is that Twitter is sending us this update which basically shoots themselves in the foot.

Context is King?

This is a good example of when the algorithms over at Twitter (or any content aggregation service) can crunch all the numbers they want but were not able to raise a red flag and say: “wait a minute, this is actually bad for our brand image!” Having a human proof read these updates could’ve prevented this small blunder in preventing this story getting shared to an even wider audience, further hurting Twitter’s own platform. Another example of where the computer simply messes up is this blunder by Pace Salsa.

When it comes to publishing content for your brand, the context in which you are presenting your story can totally trump what the content is itself. Nonetheless, these blunders may lead to even more press for your brand just like this post is doing for Twitter and Social Arc (although it may not necessarily be the press that you want).