Want To Receive More Sponsored Post Opportunities? Don’t Do This:

Not getting as many sponsored post opportunities as you’d like? Something about your blog may be throwing brands off. We’ve compiled a list of things you absolutely must not do if you want attention from brands, take a look!

Your website design is cluttered or dated.colbertBrands are looking to work with professional bloggers, so your blog should always reflect that. Your homepage is the first thing brands see, and even if you’ve got the greatest content on the web, they won’t see it if you’ve got an ugly homepage. Your site should be easy to operate, with a simple, thoughtful design. Organization should be a top priority, and make sure your site has lots of whitespace! You should update your blog design every year or so. Brands will disregard a blog that looks like it hasn’t been updated since the last millennium.

Foul Languageno god noThis one goes without saying. It’s just unprofessional, and won’t garner any positive attention to your blog.

You’re not coming off as authentic.The worst sponsored posts are the ones that read like a dry press release. The entire reason brands want to work with bloggers is to employ their personal views and emotions in relation to the product. This is how brands relate to readers! Your posts should be thoughtful, personal, and relatable. Turn the product into a story you and your readers can identify with!

You’re not paying attention to the finer details.Spelling errors, disorganization, low-resolution images and false information. These are things that take away from the professionalism of your blog. Your blog represents YOU. You should obsess over the little details. Brands will notice!

You’re not sharing your contact information on your site.We get it. Getting lots of emails is annoying. But if you want to receive opportunities, brands need a way to contact you! You should always provide an email account in a “Contact Me” section of your site.

You’re running your blog on WordPress.

We require you to add a code snippet to your blog post, and WordPress unfortunately cannot support them. If you want to receive opportunities from us, make sure your blog is self-hosted!

You haven’t shared your location, or at least your home base, on your site.Brands usually try to target people in specific geographic areas. They aren’t likely to take a risk on a blog if they don’t know where its owner is writing from. Share where you’re from, and where you reside now in your “About Me” section to get more opportunities!

Your blog isn’t hooked up to Google Analytics.Brands want to collaborate with bloggers who provide trustworthy data about their blog. Google Analytics provides brands with full transparency in regards to your traffic capabilities and demographic reach. If you want to learn more about integrating Google Analytics into your blog, check out this earlier blog post.

You aren’t responsive by e-mail.You should be checking your e-mail regularly and responding as quickly as you can. There are thousands of talented bloggers out there, so brands won’t wait around for you if you can’t respond in a reasonable amount of time. Being responsive also proves to brands that you are reliable and professional. It also allows you to receive more campaign opportunities on Cooperatize! Your responsiveness score can be seen by brands, and illustrates how quickly you respond to emails and opportunities.