We’re Turning the Tables! Tell Us Your Dream Travel Brands!

As many of you know, the way things work here at Cooperatize is that destinations come to us asking to work with you (and why wouldn’t they?! *cue hair flip*).



But we figure that many of you are on the other end of these blog posts just waiting and wishing for your dream destination or brand to pop up on our opportunities board. Maybe you’ve got the content already written, or maybe you’ve just visited and have simply fallen in lurve. No matter the reason, we want to hear from YOU this time. Check out the survey below this picture of an actual pig wearing actual rain boots to tell us where you’ve been dreaming of channeling your wanderlust musings.



Actual Pig, Wearing Actual Rain Boots



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Also – if you’ve been or are going to any of the wonderful places you suggest, please be sure to log in to Cooperatize and add your itinerary to Journeys!!



By: Blaire Massaroni, for Cooperatize Journal